Four Christmases Movie Party

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Some of my favorite memories of childhood Christmases are the ones where we had a lot of company and I had the opportunity to play with my cousins. We didn’t do the big family Christmas celebrations a lot but when we did I always enjoyed them. How about you – do you like having a huge family gathering at Christmas or do you prefer something a bit more quiet? If you have family like  Brad & Kate in Four Christmases, you may try to hide from your family during the holidays! This hilarious comedy follows this couple as they make the decision to sneak out of family obligations during the holidays and spend time together on a relaxing vacation. Their plans fall through after all flights out of their airport are cancelled. They have to then squeeze in four separate Christmas celebrations with their families. I really enjoyed this movie and I think that Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon are both great actors. This is the perfect movie to enjoy with your best girlfriends while taking a break from the busy holiday season.

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Four Christmases Movie Party

Four Christmases Movie Party:

Not that you need an excuse to dig into Christmas baking and chocolates…but if you were looking for an excuse then this Four Christmases Movie Party is a great one! You can set up a cozy movie viewing area by your fireplace and your decorated Christmas tree. Aww, sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

You could serve a variety of Christmas baking (now would be the perfect time to throw in a little bake exchange party as well), chocolates and hot chocolate with whipped cream.

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