Family Fun Ideas with February Little-Known Holidays

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I absolutely love all of the random holidays there are out there. Some are really sweet, others a little odd, but there are so many fun ways to celebrate in February these February little-known holidays. We have some fun ideas for the food-lovers, the bookworms and even one with a very special meaning. How many will you be celebrating?

February Little-Known Holidays:

February 2 – Crepe Day: I love crepes! My mom used to have a Christmas tradition of cod fish on toast for Christmas breakfast (yes, it was as terrible as it sounds!) and I’ve since convinced her to change our Christmas breakfast tradition to crepes. Here is a delicious recipe for basic crepes that you can dress up with any kind of fruit topping you’d like.

February 2 – Take Your Child to the Library Day: Today would be the perfect day to take your little ones to the library and play a fun scavenger hunt game. Here’s a library scavenger hunt game that you can print for free.

February Little-Known holidays - Library

February 27 – National Pink Shirt Day: This special day really isn’t one of the February bizarre holidays but it is a great one to celebrate with your kids. On February 27th, people are encouraged to wear a pink shirt to show their support for anti-bullying initiatives. This is the perfect day to talk to your kids about bullying, what bullying means, how to deal with bullying and ways to help others that they see being bullied.

February 28 – National Chili Day: Nothing beats the cold winter weather like a hot bowl of delicious chili. A fun activity to enjoy as a family would be to have a chili cook-off! You can split your family into two teams that each create their own pot of chili and then have a silly game of rating them.

How many of these February little-known holidays have you heard of? How many will you be celebrating?

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