Family Traditions for Christmas

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Do you have a lot of family traditions for Christmas? This is our second Christmas with our little boy so we’re still creating fun traditions to enjoy as a family. Some of these are traditions from when I was a child and others are new traditions that my husband and I want to introduce to our son. Here are some fun ideas that you may want to try with your little ones.

Family Traditions for Christmas

Family Traditions for Christmas:

  • Make your own plates for Santa’s cookies and a bowl for reindeer snacks. If you have a pottery painting studio in your city, it would be fun to design your own plate. If not, you can buy a fun Christmas-themed plate and bowl and write on it with a marker designed for writing on ceramics.
  • Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? These little guys are really popular right now. If you can’t find an Elf on the Shelf to purchase, you can always use another Christmas stuffed toy (like a Sneaky Snowman or a Spying Snow Monster).
  • Baking and decorating holiday cookies. This is a fun activity that everyone can participate in plus the cookies make great holiday gifts!
  • Painting your own Christmas tree decorations. At your local craft store, you can purchase small wooden or ceramic decorations that you can paint yourself. Be sure to paint the date on the back because your kids will want to know when they made each one.
  • Pack up some hot chocolate and drive around your neighborhood to look at the Christmas lights. This is one of the family traditions for Christmas that we always did growing up.
  • Go to a movie theatre on Christmas night. Did you know that most movie theatres are open on Christmas night? My family has been enjoying this tradition for years. It’s fun to watch a Christmas movie together without the crowds.
  • Have one special gift that the kids can open on Christmas Eve. This could be the same type of gift each year like Christmas pajamas, a funny holiday t-shirt, a goofy holiday hat, a silly holiday tie, etc.
  • Playing Christmas games together (here are some fun & free printables like Christmas charades).
  • Writing thank you notes for Santa or colouring a picture for him.
  • One of our family traditions for Christmas is making a special holiday breakfast. We always make crepes on Christmas morning and I always look forward to them!
  • No chimney for Santa to go down? No problem! Leave a special key hidden outside for Santa. You can use the same novelty key each year.
  • This is a tradition I heard from a friend but we’re going to try it this year…find the pickle in the Christmas tree. Take a small pickle ornament (most stores sell them) and use it to play a fun hide and seek game on Christmas morning.

Do you have any other family traditions for Christmas that you’d like to share with us? For more holiday ideas, visit our special Christmas Fun page.

Here are some cute decoration ideas for your holiday season:

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11 thoughts on “Family Traditions for Christmas”

  1. Great ideas for holiday traditions! Baking and decorating in my household is always the most popular activity, but my kids also love to make decorations and hang them.

  2. every year growing up my dad read night before christmas to us at bedtime christmas eve…I have continued that with our children. After reading, the book gets left with the cookies and milk and Santa signs it, with the year

  3. We are slowly creating our Christmas traditions since our boys are so young. So far, they get to open a present on Christmas Eve, they get jammies that same night, we drive around town hunting Christmas lights, and on Christmas morning they get to open their stockings as I make cinnamon rolls for everyone!! 😀 Still working on new and fun ideas!

  4. We have a few. Christmas eve we always have chili and cinnamon rolls and open a gift. After supper we load up the kids and drive around looking at Christmas lights. We let the kids open presents for the 12 days of Christmas, we also have them choose several gifts that are already wrapped underneath our tree to give to charity. They really enjoy it as they have no idea what the gifts are and they like knowing they are helping others have a good Christmas.

  5. We have a few traditions…

    PJs for the girls on Christmas Eve
    Cookies and milk for Santa in the special plates and mug
    Special Key for the front door so that Santa can come in (we have a gas fire place)

    I want to start the Elf on a Shelf this year…if I can find one 🙂

  6. I find I get way to stressed trying to keep up with so many traditions, although there are a few we keep close to our heart I also love just seeing what will happen! Love some of the ones you shared!


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