Family Night Activities Schedule

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A fun family night activity is to create a family night activities schedule! This is really easy to create and you can use it each month to plan your family fun activities. Family Night Activities Schedule

The fridge is a great place to create this fun family schedule since it’s a central location where all family members can view it.

Family Night Activities Schedule:

To create your own family night activities schedule, you’ll need:

  • thin craft tape (to make the lines for your calendar)
  • washable markers (to write the month, days of the week and numbers in the date squares)
  • adhesive magnet sheet (that you can cut to make your own activity magnets)
  • scrapbook embellishments or stickers that represent family fun ideas (crafts, game night…I’ll give you some more ideas in a moment)

Simply use the craft tape to create the calendar. A ruler and a level will help you get those lines straight.

Use the washable marker for writing the month and days of the week on the calendar. Your kids can help with this on the first day of each month. It’s a great mini craft project!

You’ll want to do some shopping at your local craft store and pick out some scrapbook stickers that represent family fun activities. Some ideas are:

  • movie night
  • game night
  • theatre night
  • concert
  • beach day
  • dessert treat day
  • craft night
  • mommy & me date night
  • daddy & me date night
  • sports day

Family Night Activities Example

You can then place small adhesive magnets on the back of these stickers so that you can use them over and over again on your family night activities schedule.

Each month (or week) you can decide as a family which family fun activities you’d like to plan. You can then place your stickers/magnets on those days of the week. It’s a great way to make note of your plans and set a reminder for everyone to see.

What’s your favorite family fun night activity?

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11 thoughts on “Family Night Activities Schedule”

  1. that’s a super cute idea… of our favs is family movie night. My ODS fav is sleepover night (he gets to pick a treat and we watch a movie in our bed and then he is allowed to sleep in our room all night)

  2. Great way to get the kids involved in family event planning! I really need to do something like this! So far it is practically impossible to make plans in advanced because things keep getting planned on top of other plans…


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