Family Game Night Trophy

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Do you plan special family fun nights with games and activities? Do you have any special way of awarding the winner?  Family game nights aren’t all about winning, but a fun idea would be to award a special family trophy to someone who made a special impression during your game night. This trophy could be awarded to someone who gave extra effort, someone who displayed excellent sportsmanship, someone who used creativity to make up a new game for everyone to enjoy, etc.  Here are some fun & creative ideas for creating your own family game night trophy.

Family Game Night Trophy

Family Game Night Trophy Ideas:

You can start with a plastic awards cup from your local dollar store and purchase some other small game-related items that you can glue onto it. You’ll also want some gold spray paint to finish off your special trophy. When it comes to creating a fun trophy, no item is too tacky! Sometimes the silliest ideas make the best trophies.

Some ideas for items to glue onto your family game night trophy include:

  • Dice
  • Marbles
  • Small hourglass timer
  • Small masquerade mask
  • Playing cards
  • Craft supplies like foam pieces, sticks, plastic flowers, small mirrors, beads, plastic jewelry or gems, glitter glue, etc.
  • Small chalk board label for writing the weekly winner’s name on

Once created, you can award this trophy at the end of each family game night to someone who made a special impression. A silly activity idea is for the winner to make a short acceptance speech. Each member of your family will be able to proudly display this trophy in their room until the next family game night.

Remember, family game nights aren’t about winning or losing – it’s about having fun as a family and creating special memories! If you create a family game night trophy, I’d love to see pictures and hear all about it!

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