Family Date Ideas

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Most of us seem to always be running from one place to another – errands, work, appointments, activities, etc.  Why not spend a night in and enjoying some of these family date ideas with your kids?

Family Date Ideas:

1) Set up a tent in your backyard – bring out sleeping bags, camp-type foods, story books, flashlights…and anything else camp related you can think of!  If it’s too cold to set up a tent in the yard, create an old fashioned fort in your basement with chairs, sheets and boxes.

2) Plan a movie night in with a concession stand.  You can go to your local bulk or candy store and let your children pick out a few treats to stock the concession stand. Any family date ideas that include candy are sure to be a hit! Want a fun game as well? Try this free printable movie trivia game.

Family Date Ideas - Movies

3) Have a silly photo shoot.  You can buy a lot of inexpensive props and costumes at your local dollar store.  Let your child take some of the pictures as well.  For a future fun activity, you & your children can use these photos to create a page in your scrapbook.

4) Do you have any old home movies of yourself as a child?  You could watch some of your old home movies plus some of your new home movies with your child.  Children love to watch themselves on t.v. and are sure to share a few laughs watching old home movies of their mom or dad.

5) Finger Painting: Buy a large roll of paper and some non-toxic art paint and let your child have fun making a mess.  Ed Emberley has some fun books for fingerprint art – make animals, flowers, characters and more out of your child’s fingerprint.  This is a cute idea for personalizing cards or gift tags. This family date idea could turn into keepsake artwork!

Family Date Ideas - Painting

What are your favorite family date night activities? We have SO MANY more fun family activities to share with you, visit our Family Fun page to learn more! You can also follow along on Facebook for all the latest & greatest ideas.

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