Easter Bunny Proof

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There is a crazy rumor floating around that the Easter Bunny may not be real. I know what you are thinking – that’s nonsense – and I couldn’t agree more! Really, you can’t believe everything you read in the tabloids. For those that still don’t believe that the Easter Bunny exists, I’m here to share with you some stories of Easter Bunny proof PLUS we have a free printable for Easter Bunny Poop. Gross, yes, but it is a cute idea for the kids to find on Easter morning!

Easter Bunny Proof - Easter Bunny Poop Printable

Easter Bunny Proof:

I know we’re not the only family that has ever seen proof left in our home on Easter morning. I know because I’ve heard stories from trusted sources. Want to know how to find evidence of the Easter Bunny’s visit? Here are some things to watch out for:

  • A trail of jelly beans is always a sure sign that the Easter Bunny has been to your house. Don’t eat the brown ones! I know they may look like chocolate covered raisins but it’s best not to touch the brown jelly beans.
  • The Easter Bunny’s favorite food is carrots and I’m sure he’d appreciate you leaving some out for him on the night before Easter. If you find little chunks or shreds of carrots by your plate in the morning, that’s a sure sign of Easter Bunny proof.
  • Whether it’s snow or mud, bunny footprints in your house will let you know that he stopped by for a visit. You could even follow these around the house to see everywhere that he stopped.
  • If you want proof that the Easter Bunny exists, don’t be shy to ask him for proof yourself! Your children can write a Thank You note to leave for the Easter Bunny along with a request for an autograph.

Have your little ones ever witnessed Easter Bunny proof? If so, what did they find? Don’t miss this cute Easter Bunny Poop tag – a cute treat idea for your kids to find on Easter morning!

Easter Bunny Proof - Easter Bunny Poop Printable

Want to try to catch a photo of the Easter Bunny in your house? Check out I Caught The Easter Bunny.com.

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11 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Proof”

  1. Of course the Easter Bunny is real:) A trail of jelly beans is a great idea – but I think my pets would eat them. I can’t wait for our local Easter Egg hunt.

  2. Super cute post Cheryl! I agree 100%. You must believe, right? lol! Are you getting more snow in SASK like we are getting here? It’s so darn depressing! I willl be coming over to your party this week! I hope you are having are great week! Angie xo

    • Oh boy, are we ever! We’ve had a record snowfall this year (6 1/2 feet already) and no signs of stopping anytime soon! Thankfully we’re heading to Disneyland and Orange County soon. We are sure excited to see some sun and all the magical wonders of Disneyland!

  3. What rumors? How could anyone not possible believe in the Easter bunny? I love your ideas for proof! My kids would love that…if I could just get creative and hope that cat doesn’t ruin it.
    Thanks so much for linking up at my Real Family Fun link party.


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