DIY Detective Kit For Kids

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If you’re planning a mystery party or just looking for a fun afternoon activity for your kids at home, you’ll want to pack up some of these fun detective kits for kids! They go along perfectly with our free mystery party printables & clue ideas – you’ll find these over in our special Mystery category.

Making A Detective Kit For Kids:

Every successful secret agent needs a special kit of detective supplies! Here are a few fun ideas for your detective kit for kids:

  • secret agent disguise kit (sunglasses, fake mustache, temporary tattoos, wig)
  • candy licorice pipe
  • magnifying glass
  • evidence bags
  • latex gloves
  • yellow caution tape
  • sidewalk chalk
  • disposable camera
  • notepad and pencil
  • sketch pad and pencil (for drawing the suspect)
  • handcuffs
  • ink & index cards for fingerprints
  • binocolars
  • flashlight
  • detective’s hat
  • measuring tape
  • makeup brush for brushing for fingerprints
  • tweezers for picking up small clues
  • walkie talkie
  • cell phone
  • secret agent badge (check out our free printable secret agent badges)
  • clue envelopes
  • little pieces of papers with numbers on them for marking the evidence for photos

Activities for your little detectives could include:

  • making their own secret agent badges
  • dusting for fingerprints using flour
  • solving clues hidden around your home and yard
  • drawing a sketch of the subject based on information from witnesses
  • questioning witnesses
  • questioning suspects
  • fingerprinting suspects
  • taking mugshot photos of criminals
  • using sidewalk chalk to circle evidence
  • using yellow caution tape to section off the scene of the crime
  • picking up evidence and putting it in the evidence bag to take back to the lab
  • analyzing the evidence in the lab

Don’t forget to visit our special Mystery category for even more fun ideas.

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