Meal Ideas For Christmas Leftovers

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With Christmas meals only hours away, I’m sure most of you have already planned out your menus and completed your grocery shopping. I’m sure you’re already drooling at the thought of appetizers on Christmas Eve, piles of pancakes on Christmas morning and turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and extra gravy on Christmas Day…but what about the day after Christmas? Do you simply put out Christmas leftovers and let guests build themselves turkey sandwiches? Here are some other creative ways to make new meals out of the delicious leftovers!

Christmas Leftovers

Christmas Leftovers Meal Ideas:

  • That leftover turkey or ham would make a great pizza! Simply slice some up and put it on top of a prepared crust with tomato sauce, extra veggies and shredded cheese.
  • Pillsbury crescent rolls can be turned into little sandwich pockets with Christmas leftovers. Simply unroll each uncooked roll and fill it with a variety of leftovers like turkey, stuffing, etc. and roll it up. You can pinch the sides closed so that your filling doesn’t spill out. I add a little queso cheese sauce to mine for an added spicy kick. Simply bake as directed on the package.
  • Speaking of spicy cheese, some of those leftover veggies and meat can be turned into a delicious plate of nachos! Simply pile whatever Christmas leftovers you think would make great nachos onto a bed of nacho chips and top with spicy shredded cheese.
  • This last tip is one from my mom that she’s been using for years – simply put a crust on it. She piles leftovers into a casserole dish, uses a crescent roll as a crust and bakes it in the oven. You can call it a Christmas pot pie!

Baking new creations is easy in our new Frigidaire Induction Range. I love how evenly the convection oven bakes and the induction stove top boils water so quickly! During the busy Christmas season, it’s easy to make a mess in the kitchen but the smooth top of the induction range is so easy to clean. Since the stove top only gets hot where the pot meets the stove, cleanup is so easy because you don’t have to worry about food getting baked on the top of the stove.

From my family to yours, have a happy holiday season!

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