Celebrating Barbie’s Birthday

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Planning on celebrating Barbie’s birthday?  Barbie's Birthday
Barbie’s birthday is on March 9th and in 2012 she’ll be turning 53.  Don’t you wish we could all age so gracefully?

Planning a Party for Barbie’s Birthday:

This would be a fun day to plan a pink tea party for your little ones complete with pink lemonade, pink cupcakes and a cute little tea set.  Have each of the little ones bring along their favorite Barbie as well to be included in the activities & celebrations of the day.

If you want to make Barbie feel even more special, visit your local party store where you’ll find Barbie decor such as plates & banners.  Don’t forget pink balloons! Even without Barbie themed decor, you can set the theme for a party party with plenty of pink & glittery decorations. You could use items like balloons, streamers and tableware.

You could set up a mini party area for the Barbie’s as well. Things like a little pool party area, soda shop, nail salon, tables and chairs for a special supper and even a staged area for entertainment. That’s quite the mini party, isn’t it?

If you’d like to include some special themed activities for Barbie’s birthday party, here are some options:

  • free Barbie printable coloring pages
  • visit barbie.com for some online games
  • ask each guest to bring along a few of Barbie’s favorite outfits and have a Barbie fashion show
  • using Barbie stickers, scrapbook paper and other scrapbook supplies, have the guests create a birthday card for their Barbie

If you’d like to send guests home with a treat bag, include items such as:

  • pink candies like jelly beans or chocolate coated candies
  • lip gloss
  • hair clips or other hair accessories
  • Barbie stickers

Did you play with Barbies as a child? I had plenty of them along with a Barbie soda shop & corvette – it was so much fun!

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