How To Make Cake Pop Bleachers

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I’ve used cake pop bleachers at a few of my parties now and they are really fun to work with! They can be used to hold cupcakes, cake pops or other party treats and they go great with a sports-themed party. For a recent Hot Wheels Track Builder Party, I wanted a special area on our party table for race fan cake pops. Oh my goodness, the cake pops turned out so cute! Visit our Hot Wheels Party for even more fun ideas!

Cake Pop Bleachers

Cake Pop Bleachers:

To make a reusable fan bleacher for desserts, simply start with a large Styrofoam chunk and cut it into three pieces. The bottom piece should be the width and length that you want for the final product. You’ll then cut two rectangle pieces (one a couple of inches taller than the other) for the two additional levels.

Cake Pop Bleachers

Wrap each of these levels in wrapping paper. By wrapping each of the pieces individually, you can easily take it apart to rewrap it in a different design for another party in the future.

Once all three pieces are wrapped, use double sided tape to tape both the smaller pieces to the larger piece. The largest piece will be on the bottom as the base, the taller of the rectangles will be on the top of the base at the back and the smallest piece will be in the middle. It’s difficult to describe in words but you’ll see what I mean from the picture.

Cake Pop Bleachers

Some fun ideas for this fan bleachers project are:

  • cake pops decorated like sports fans
  • foam finger shaped cake pops
  • cupcakes with paper “foam fingers” as toppers
  • mini fringe banner hanging on the front
  • a sticker of your favorite sports logo on the front of the bleacher

If you make one of your own, I’d love to see it! Share a picture of it on Instagram with the hashtag “MunchkinParty”.

Cake Pop Bleachers


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