Mother and Baby Massage

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Mother and baby massage is said to be an excellent bonding experience for both mothers and babies. Studies show mother and baby massage is an excellent way to enhance parent-child interaction through nurturing and joyful bonding.  Experts say infant massage is second only to breastfeeding as the most fulfilling form of nurturing a baby can receive.

Mother and baby massage

Mother and Baby Massage Benefits:

Reported benefits include:

  • Relief from gas, colic, constipation and teething pains
  • More restful sleep
  • Aide in digestion
  • Stimulation for many systems promoting overall health

For an activity for your moms group, you could contact someone in your area who certified in infant massage to do a sample mother and baby massage class for you.  Be sure the person you are contacting is a qualified professional since there are rules that must be adhered to for the safety of the child and the effectiveness of the massage. Be sure to think of a list of questions to ask your registered massage therapist like what should the mothers bring with them, what age group is the class gear towards, will they be able to bring pamphlets to hand out to the group, etc.

For your sample mother and baby massage class, be sure to bring along something soft for your baby to lay on.  Lotions or baby oils are not recommended due to skin sensitivities or the risk of baby getting some in his/her eyes or mouth.

After your sample class, you can invite the moms & little ones to stay for visiting and refreshments. You can treat this like a little mini spa day with sparkling juice in plastic champagne glasses served with light appetizers and small bite-sized desserts.

Have you tried mother and baby massage? Did you & your baby enjoy the experience? Do you feel it helped to calm your little one?

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