Ballerina No-Bake Cheesecakes

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These ballerina cheesecake tutu jars are really easy to make! They are perfect for pretty desserts on the buffet table at your little ballerina’s party.

Ballerina Cheesecake Tutu Jar

Ballerina Tutu Jar Tutorial:

For this craft you’ll need 4 things:

  • tulle
  • thin ribbon
  • scissors
  • small mason jar

Start by cutting strips of tulle – I’d say 9-inch x 4-inch strips (you may have to trim the pieces depending on the height of your jar).

Cut a piece of ribbon that is about 2 inches wider than the diameter of your jar. You can trim off the extra later.

Start with one strip of tulle and fold in an accordion style.

Cut a 3-inch strip of ribbon and tie it around the top of the folded tulle (about 1-inch from the top of it).

Take this piece of tulle and use the 3-inch tied ribbon to tie it to the long ribbon that will go around your jar. See the pictures below for a sample.

Continue this process until the long ribbon (that will go around your jar) is lined with folded tulle all around the jar.

I cut off the tops of the tulle pieces to make them all even and cut off the extra ribbon from each of the tulle bundles. It just makes it look a lot more clean.

Take the long ribbon filled with tulle bundles and tie it around the neck of the mason jar. Cut off the extra ribbon.

Although I went with a glitter tulle for this tutu jar, I’d actually recommend tulle without the glitter. The glitter ended up all over me, the counter and in the jar. I don’t think anyone wants a glitter cheesecake. {wink}

Ballerina Cheesecake Tutu Jar

Ballerina Cheesecake:

To make the cheesecake for the jars, follow this easy no-bake cheesecake recipe. For a ballerina party, I’d recommend fillings like strawberry, raspberry or cherry.

Ballerina Cheesecake Tutu Jar

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