Baby Shower Word Game

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Baby shower games are a great way to get your guests interacting at a party. This Baby Shower Word Game is perfect for even the shyest guests. Simply print the free printable game and cut out each card. Playing the game is simple!

Split your guests into two teams and each team takes a turn choosing one player to select a card. So, first up is Team A. Team A’s selected player for this round randomly selects a card. That person must get their team to guess the word in blue without saying any of the words in pink. As an example, look at this first card. The player must get their team to say “Diaper” without saying “Pampers”, “Huggies”, “Poop”, “Pee” or “Change”. So you could say “This is something the baby wears every day” or “Something stinky”.

Baby Shower Word Game

One player from the opposite team must watch over the “reader’s” shoulder to make sure they don’t say any of the words in the pink section. If their team guesses the right answer within 10 seconds, they win a prize. The 10 second countdown starts once the reader has finished giving the clue. If Team A doesn’t guess the correct answer, Team B gets one chance to guess the right answer. Why only 10 seconds? The short time limit gets guests shouting out funny answers to try to beat the clock. If guests have too much time to guess, they’d likely get every answer right and you want to keep them on their toes!

For this Baby Shower Word Game, keep in mind that you can’t say variations of the secret word itself. For example, if the secret word is “Car Seat” you can’t say either “Car” or “Seat”. Also, if one of the pink words is “Play” you can’t use other variations of the word like “Playing” or “Played” or “Player”.

Baby Shower Word Game:

Here are some more examples of playing cards in the Baby Shower Word Game. To print the full free printable game, click here.

Baby Shower Word Game

What is your favorite baby shower game? Is there one baby shower game you always hope is NOT going to be played?

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