Healthy First Birthday Cakes

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I’ve always been really cautious when it comes to feeding my son. I always followed the guidelines in books about when to introduce certain foods and what foods to avoid plus I tried to make my own baby food for him as much as possible. When his first birthday came along I decided that it was okay for him to have his first taste of processed sugar. After all, it was his first birthday and I wanted him to be able to squish the cake between his little fingers and take that perfect picture of cake smeared all over his cute little face. Well, the icing and cupcake weren’t a big hit with his tummy and he ended up throwing up on one of his presents. Needless to say, he hasn’t had cake since.

Ideas for Healthy First Birthday Cakes:

If you’re looking for ideas healthy first birthday cakes then you’ll want to check out I’ve seen Catherine and her Weelicious recipes featured on shows like Access Hollywood Live so when I thought about putting together a post on healthy tips for first birthday cakes, I knew she was the person to turn to! Healthy First Birthday Cakes - Weelicious It’s never too early to teach your little ones about the importance of eating healthy. As your children get older, it will be more difficult to control the types of food they are eating. Promoting healthy eating habits in young children will help teach them to continue to eat well later in life. The Government of Canada advises that children two years and older can get the nutrients and calories they need to grow and develop by following Canada’s Food Guide.

When it comes to other birthday party food, Catherine from Weelicious advises that kids will enjoy the foods we offer them. If you put out bowls of gold fish crackers that’s what they will want. On the other hand if you offer fresh fruits and veggies, that’s what they will learn to love and enjoy.

Her most important tip about planning a birthday tip for your little one? Enjoy the moment!

Here are a few of Catherine’s favorite recipe ideas for healthy first birthday cakes:

I’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Catherine for sharing these recipes & tips with us!

How did your little one react to his/her first taste of sugar?

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11 thoughts on “Healthy First Birthday Cakes”

  1. It can definitely be hard when trying to get kids eating healthy. My daughter is a big fruit & veggie fan, but my son is not. I was getting beyond frustrated, so I took away all the junk so he only has healthy options. At first he was annoyed, but now… he will happily sit and eat a bowl of strawberries and have zero junk in his school lunches. He is finally understanding, he should be happy he has something versus those who may not have anything.

    When it comes to birthdays, I always do healthy baked goods. Muffins instead of cupcakes, and the cake is usually carrot cake. This is something my kids have grown to be used too and love it. I will bake sugary cupcakes occasionally, but they prefer muffins now!

    I wish I started the nutrition thing earlier in their lives, but happy my son has transitioned finally. I actually got in trouble last night for getting them McDonalds because it’s not healthy… but after reassuring them it is okay to have junk every once in awhile they bellied up and ate! Tonight, chicken & veggie stir fry has been demanded because we ate unhealthy last night 🙂

    • It’s great that you are teaching healthy eating habits to your youngsters! I don’t always set the best example for my son but I always make sure he has a healthy dish for every meal.

  2. Sorry to hear his cake didn’t mix well with his tummy. For my kids first they got a mini personal cake and always ended up throwing most of it everywhere versus eating it.

  3. I love Weelicious. Did you know she just came out with a book to?
    Love this quote as it’s so true: ” If you put out bowls of gold fish crackers that’s what they will want. On the other hand if you offer fresh fruits and veggies, that’s what they will learn to love and enjoy.”

  4. My daughter was 2 before she had any type of ‘treat’ (ie cake, cookie) and a few months later still has not had treats more than a few times. My hubby said for her first birthday ‘she doesn’t need to know that there is anything sweeter than raspberries’ (which there really isn’t anyways!). She shared a piece of cake with me at a friend’s 2nd birthday and she only wanted one bite then went off to play, which was a relief! Other parents think I’m a bit hard core but I have a real sweet tooth and if I can delay or curb that in her then I will do what I can! Thanks for the recipe links – great for any occasion, including the ‘birthday’ party we’ll be having when the new baby comes home next month!


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