Aveeno Clear Complexion 10-Day Trial

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This post is courtesy of our contributor Carolyn…I have always struggled with sensitive acne prone skin. Poor ‘high school me’ tried to fight a losing battle, anticipating adulthood when it would be all over but boy was I wrong! I have searched for many years for a product line that will consistently help my skin issues. I often try a product for a few months and eventually the results are the same, and not as good as I had hoped. Aveeno gave me the opportunity to try their Aveeno Clear Complexion line, a daily cleanser and a daily moisturizer, along with their new BB Cream on a ten day trial. I will share my experience of the last ten days with you guys!

Aveeno Clear Complexion

Day One: I regularly use a facial scrub with big sandy pieces in it. It makes my skin feel soft in the end, but leaves my skin red and somewhat sore at first, and often left with dry patches. The Clear Complexion Daily Cleanser also had grainy pieces but they were finer and gentler on my sensitive skin. One feature I also enjoy is how the scent is more natural and mild than the previous scrub I was using. I currently have some hormonal breakout on my neck line and around my mouth; fingers crossed the Aveeno Clear Complexion cleanser and moisturizer will help with it!

Day Two-Five: Day two was the first day I decided to try the BB cream. It also has a mild oatmeal  scent which makes me feel better that I’m not putting a bunch of chemicals on my face. The tone given to me was too light for my face; I’m a dark brown in the summer and yellow in the winter so the light-to-medium tone was far too light for my face. It didn’t fell heavy and wasn’t sunken into my skin. It wasn’t greasy or sticky and felt pretty nice on my face. The last couple days there hasn’t been a drastic change to my complexion yet, but I haven’t had any stinging or too much redness after I wash. I must also say after I switch a face wash I am often itchy for a couple of washes but that wasn’t the case this time!

Day Six-Nine: The acne around my jawline is clearing up and my skin is feeling so soft! I always use the light and scent free moisturizer on my neck as well – so soft! I use the products twice a day, when I wake up and before bed.  The bottles still feel full so I’m thinking they will last a couple months.

Day Ten: My acne is still visible but has definitely lessened. My skin is soft and feels smoother. It hasn’t felt irritated in a couple weeks. I will continue to use the Aveeno Clear Complexion line to see if maybe I have finally found the product I’ve been searching for!

The Aveeno Clear Complexion line extends further than the products I’ve been using the past ten days, I’m hoping to find the Clear Complexion Daily Cleansing Pads to add to my facial routine. A pad could help me cleanse quicker when I’m in a rush in the mornings!

*Disclosure: I was given products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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