Airport Game – Window Scavenger Hunt

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Looking for a fun way for kids to help pass the time in an airport? Then try this free printable airport game!
Airport Game - Window Scavenger Hunt

Long waits in airports are never fun – especially when you’re traveling with little ones! Help pass the time with this fun & free printable airport game! This game is easy to play – just look out the airport windows and see how many of the scavenger hunt items you can see outside. Click here for the free printable.

Airport Game – Window Scavenger Hunt:

The items to search for are:

  • A vehicle without a roof
  • A plane with a blue logo
  • A vehicle with a license plate
  • Safety cone
  • A plane belonging to an airline from another country
  • A waste removal truck
  • A plane with its stairs down
  • A “No Smoking” sign
  • A food delivery truck
  • Noise reducing earplugs or earphones
  • Flashing lights
  • Something with the letter “M” on it
  • A vehicle with a siren light on the top
  • Something with the number “8” on it
  • A vehicle with the word “Caution” on it
  • A bird
  • A piece of pink luggage
  • Something with the word “spill” on it
  • Red curtains
  • A flag

The goal of the game is to find these items outside the airport while watching out a large window.

You could award fun prizes like a small treat or a small toy.

Airport Game Window Scavenger Hunt Game

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  • Airport Word Search – A nice quiet game perfect for curling up in a chair with while you wait for your next flight.

What do you do to help pass the time in the airport? Does your family have a favorite airport game? Let us know in the comments below!

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