20 Activities with Balloons

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activities with balloonsThere are so many fun ideas for activities with balloons! You can purchase a large bag of balloons from your local dollar store and these balloons can be used for several family fun games. No matter your child’s age, there are plenty of ways you can create fun games that include everyone in your family. For any activities that involve popping balloons, you’ll want to make sure to pick up the balloon pieces so the little ones (including pets) don’t put them in their mouth.

Activities with Balloons:

Hungry Hippo: In this post about bringing board games to life, I talked about a fun balloon version of the popular Hungry Hungry Hippos. All you’ll need for this game are balloons and two small nets or laundry baskets. Gotta love those activities with balloons where you already have all the supplies!

Pop Music Charades: For this game, simply print this free printable charades game of famous pop singers, cut out each charade and put one charade inside each balloon. Inflate all of the balloons and put them into a basket. Each person will have to take a turn popping a balloon and acting out the charade inside.

Water Balloon Dodge Ball: On a hot summer day, fill balloons with water and play a friendly game of dodge ball with water balloons.

Balloon Wall Mural: Have you ever rubbed a balloon on your head to create static and then stuck the balloon to the wall? This is a silly activity the entire family can enjoy! Simply use balloons and static to create a fun wall mural of balloons.

Balloon Badminton: With a couple of badminton rackets and a balloon, you can create your own fun indoor badminton game at home.

Balloon Scavenger Hunt: Different colored balloons can be inflated and hidden around the house for a fun scavenger hunt game. Activities with balloons don’t have to be complicated to be fun.

Balloon Animals: With a little bit of internet research, your family can learn how to make some cute balloon characters together. Even if you don’t create a recognizable balloon animal, you’ll have fun trying!

Balloon Countdown Calendar: Do you have an upcoming holiday or event you are looking forward to? You can easily create a countdown calendar using a poster board, inflated balloons and a black marker. Inflate each of the balloons and write the countdown number on the balloon in black marker. Your children can then pop a balloon as each day passes and the special occasion gets closer.

Balloon Maze: If you have access to a helium tank, you can fill several balloons and tie a long ribbon on each. You can then let these all float to the ceiling so that the ribbons hang down to your shoulder level. The goal of the game could be to get from one side of the room to the other without getting touched by a ribbon.

Balloon Faces: This may be one of the most simple ideas for activities with balloons! Simply inflate the balloons and draw faces on each balloon with a marker. To create an even funnier balloon, you can also glue yarn to the top for hair.

Balloon Batting: In this game, the goal is for each person to bat at a balloon without letting it hit the ground. You could create silly rules like that the same person can’t bat the balloon twice in a row or that you can only use your head or your feet. You can use your creativity to develop your own silly activities with balloons.

Water Balloon Bowling: Any activities with balloons that involve water balloons are best played outside. For this game, fill balloons with water and then use them as bowling balls to knock down plastic bowling pins (or empty plastic pop bottles work good as well).

Musical Balloons: This is like the musical chair game only instead of sitting on a chair when the music stops, each player must grab a balloon. The person without a balloon is out and the game continues  while removing one balloon after each round.

Balloon Races: This fun race includes players running from a starting line to a finish line while holding a balloon between their knees. If the balloon falls to the ground, the player will have to start back at the finish line.

Balloon Tag: Tie an inflated balloon onto a ribbon and then tie this ribbon on a players foot. Guests must try to run and pop other players balloons by stepping on them.

Water Balloon Catch: Simply fill balloons with water and play a game of catch while trying not to let the balloon burst.

Balloon Science Experiment: Build a fizz-inflator with this family-friendly science experiment from Science Bob.

Balloon Tail Tag: Each player will have a ribbon tied around their waist with a balloon tied to the end of the ribbon. Players must try to tag each other by catching the other players’ balloons.

Balloon Fortunes: Let each family member write a silly fortune on a piece of paper. Fold each piece of paper and place one piece of paper inside each balloon. Inflate the balloons and then have players randomly select and pop a balloon in order to reveal their fortune.

Family-Friendly Truth or Dare Game: Using this free printable game, simply place one truth or dare inside each balloon and inflate all the balloons. Players will then have to pop a balloon in order to reveal their truth or dare.

How many of these activities with balloons have you tried? What are your favorite activities with balloons?

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