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The new year is quickly approaching and I’m down to the final 3 pieces of holiday chocolate. Like many of us, I’m making a resolution to make healthier choices in the new year. It’s time to dig my exercise bike out of storage and fill my fridge with healthy foods. I’m going to kick off my healthier lifestyle by joining the Activia Challenge again this year!

Activia Challenge 2015

I have a habit of craving something sweet after I eat so I’m going to load my fridge with healthier dessert choices like fruit and Activia yogurt. I don’t usually keep candy in the house (unless I’m planning a party for the blog) to reduce the urge to shove chocolate in my mouth when I’m craving something sweet. After the Activia Challenge this past spring, I was feeling more energetic. I’m excited to see what my results will be from the 14-day Activia Challenge in 2016!

What is the Activia Challenge?

For the Activia Challenge, you simply eat two Activia yogurt ( 2 x 100 g) per day for two weeks. Simple, right? You can eat it straight out of the container or mix it into a smoothie, turn it into a fruit parfait – there are so many tasty options!

Why Activia yogurts? First of all, they are delicious! In addition to being a tasty breakfast or dessert, Activia yogurts also provide you with a daily dose of probiotics and provide digestive health benefits.

#ActiviaChallenge Twitter Party:

We’re kicking off the challenge with a Twitter Party! Join us on Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 at 8pm EST for the #ActiviaChallenge Twitter Party! We’ll be talking about the challenge, your new year’s resolutions and tips for living a healthier lifestyle. No RSVP for this party – simply join in with the #ActiviaChallenge hashtag and be sure to follow our host @Listen2Lena.


We also have some delicious prizes to give away! Fourteen (14) attendees will WIN Activia for you and a friend for the entire #ActiviaChallenge.


We look forward to chatting with you on January 19th at 8pm EST! Mark your calendar now because you don’t want to miss this party.

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