Christmas Charades

This free printable Christmas Charades Game is sure to cause some holiday giggles. This is, by far, our most repinned post on Pinterest. Everyone loves a fun Christmas game plus it’s a freebie – you can’t beat that deal! Who is the best at games in your family? Do you have a game night trophy? Perhaps for this Christmas game you could award mystery wrapped prizes. For example, you could  have three wrapped mystery prizes like two delicious boxes of chocolate and one wrapped lump of coal. Imagine the look on someone’s face when they realize their prize is a lump of coal! Now that’s a priceless Christmas photo you won’t want to miss!
Christmas Charades Game

Christmas Charades Game:

Click here for this free printable Christmas Charades game. This is a fun & silly charades game that is perfect for a family date night or a children’s Christmas party.

Just print the free printable, cut out each of the charades and place them in a bucket. Split the group into 2 teams. Team A will pick one player as the actor. This player will draw a charade and will then have a specified amount of time to act out the charade and have the other team members guess. If Team A doesn’t guess the right answer before the timer ends, then Team B gets one guess for the correct answer.

Remember, in charades there is no talking and no props allowed. Just use your fantastic acting skills!

Looking for more fun & free printable Christmas games? Visit our Holiday Fun page and scroll to the bottom to the Christmas section. There you’ll find many more free printable games like scavenger hunts, a dress up game, trivia, word search, word scramble and more!

We’ll have plenty of other fun & free printable Christmas games coming out soon. You can follow us on Facebook to see the new ideas as they are posted.

What are some of your favorite holiday activities?

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*Digital paper and characters by Pixel Paper Prints.

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  1. Oh, this is adorable! We love charades at my house, and now that there’s a little one around (my godson) it will be nice to be able to play with him to get him into the Christmas spirit. Great ideas.

  2. Oh how fun! This is a great game for the holidays :) I will have to try with the kids!

  3. Jaime Nicole says:

    This looks like so much fun! I will take this to a family gathering for sure!

  4. I am so printing this off, looks like we would have a blast with it.

  5. I have always been a fans on your creative ideas however, it seems I happen upon them too late sometimes. Glad I caught this now, I am SO going to try this at Christmas time! :)

  6. LOVE you ideas for family fun activities! Printing this off! Thanks for sharing!

  7. AWESOME!!!! I love your printables, they are coming in handy and this one is definitely one I will be printing out so we can play this Christmas night with the family!

  8. I haven’t played charades since I was a child. Used to be my favourite thing about the holidays, now I dread it LOL! Definitely tons of fun and can be very amusing.

  9. Omg, i’m so glad I found these! I printed some out to use for the class christmas party. Thank you! <3

  10. So nice of you to share this Christmas Charades game! I am going to do this when visiting family on Christmas Day, and we are all grown-ups! LOL! God bless you and your family and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.
    Gloria p.s. I saw this on Pinterest! :)

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Gloria! I hope you enjoy the game! I’m sure there will be a lot of laughter going on. Happy Holidays to you & your family as well!

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