Time To Start Organizing & Saving Those Photos!

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Before my son was born, I had big plans for creating a scrapbook for him. I had loads of ideas, I was stocking up on cute embellishments for the pages and I was taking a lot of pregnancy photos. Before his big arrival, my scrapbook was coming along nicely. I had time to write him little notes, talk about my cravings and share a picture of my growing belly every week. After his arrival, I was too busy soaking in those baby snuggles while trying to still find time to sleep or shower (notice how I said OR there – being a new mom often means you choose between sleep or a shower). The incomplete scrapbook project has been tucked away for years now but I’ve continued taking loads of pictures of him during his many stages. I’ve been looking for a way of storing and organizing his pictures without having to worry about losing them from my computer, damaging a memory stick or making many trips to the photo shop to print and organize the hundreds of photos I have. I now found a solution – Trunx! As a Trunx Ambassador, I’m able to dig into this app to see all of the cool features for storing, organizing, sharing and protecting my photos. I’m really excited to tell you all about it because it’s an amazing app, it’s free to download and there is a special limited time introductory offer for unlimited storage in February.


Why is it called Trunx? Think of an old trunk stored up in your attic that is filled with special memories. The difference with Trunx is you don’t have to worry about losing the key for the trunk, dusting it off or running into a critter that has made a home in your attic.

Why use Trunx? There are many cool features that make Trunx a fabulous app (I’ll get to those in a moment) but one of the main reasons people use Trunx is for their commitment to privacy. They will never make your photos, videos and EchoPix public. In addition, they will never use your photos, videos and EchoPix for our own advertising purposes. You can add extra security by implementing the additional PIN code protection in your settings. This way no one can access your photos if you happen to lose your phone.

Trunx Benefits & Cool Features:

Don’t Worry About Accidentally Losing Your Photos. Do you ever worry about losing your phone or accidentally running it through the washing machine (it was my husband’s fault, I swear) and losing all of your pictures? With Trunx, you don’t have to worry about losing those previous memories! Rest easy knowing that even if you happen to lose your phone or accidentally delete important pictures, they’ll be secure in your private cloud.

Free Up Valuable Space On Your Device. My last cell phone was slower than a tortoise because all of the pictures I had saved on it. You don’t have to worry about that with Trunx! It syncs all your photos from Camera Roll securely to the cloud, allowing you to free up valuable space on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You can even take photos and video directly from within the Trunx app without using any storage.

A Picture With Sound? Oh Ya, It’s Possible! A picture is worth 1000 words, right? Well how about a picture with sound? I’m not talking about recording a video here. This is something completely different! EchoPix™ are photos that are enhanced with the sound of your surroundings, helping you relive the moment in a special way. How awesome would a beach photo be with the sound of the ocean in the background?

Find Your Photos Fast.Oh! I have to show you this adorable picture…hang on while I search for it. Hmm..was it on my phone, on Facebook, posted to Instragram?” Can’t find it? You won’t have this trouble with Trunx. Trunx keeps your entire photo collection in one place. Connect your Camera Roll, Facebook, and Instagram to build out your life story. You can then access them anywhere you go on all of your devices. You can also sort by date or add tags to photos to make them easier to find.

Pull Photos From Your PC. Do you have loads of photos on your computer that you’d like to have access to while you’re on the go? The Trunx desktop uploader pulls photos from your PC and integrates them into your Trunx account.

Keep The Photo Quality. By saving your photos in Trunx, you will not lose the quality of the photo. The pictures are saved in the original resolution in which they were taken. Trunx does not down-sample your images and provides full high-resolution storage.

Amazing Privacy Settings. I’ve said this before but I’m glad that all these social media sites didn’t exist when I was a teen. I wasn’t a bad kid but I was goofy. Thank goodness there wasn’t a way to post these to social media sites or share though cell phones when I was a kid. Worried about the photos on your teen’s phone? Some may be fun and silly to keep as a memory but they aren’t photos that they wanted tagged to their social media profiles as they grow up. Set the privacy settings so your teen can store these photos privately without sharing on social media sites.

Using Trunx:

So it sounds like an amazing app, right? But just how user-friendly is it? Well, I put it to the test and here’s what I found:

  • it is easy to import photos from your Camera Roll, Facebook and Instagram
  • creating tags is easy to do and you can load many photos into a specific tag at a time
  • it is easy to add a PIN for additional security
  • putting my pictures from Camera Roll, Facebook and Instragram into one app gives me a better timeline view of my memories

Trunx App

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26 thoughts on “Time To Start Organizing & Saving Those Photos!”

  1. I have never heard of this company before but I am surely going to check them out. I have photos in so many boxes, plus I like how you can add sound to your pictures…..pretty cool!

  2. This is very cool! I had scrapbooks with my first child. By the time the fourth came along, I ran out of time and energy. Now all my pics are on my computer or phone. I will check this out some more

  3. I really do love the advances in technology but I always feel as if I loose photos. I miss printing them out. I really need to do that soon, but this seems like a great way to stay organized. Thanks for sharing, I had never heard of this before.


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