Train Birthday Party Ideas

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If your little one loves trains, then you’ll love these ideas for a train-themed party. These train birthday party ideas will help you Choo Choo choose everything from your invitations, decorations, food and activities through to your party favors. There is a lot of information to share so let’s get started! Don’t forget to visit our special Train category for even more creative ideas.

Train Birthday Party Ideas

Train Birthday Party Ideas – Invitations:

Here are some cute phrases to use on your train-themed invitations:

  • the invitation could resemble a train ticket and could invite passengers on the {Child Name}’s Express
  • wording such as “Chugga Chugga Choo Choo! We’re having a party & we’re inviting you!”
  • wording such as “All Aboard! The party train is ready to board!”
  • wording such as “All available engines are required to report to the station for an important birthday message!”

Train Birthday Party Ideas – Decorations:

Does your little one have a train set? This makes a great piece of decor for the party plus doubles as a fun activity for the kids. Here are some addition decoration ideas:

  • use black construction paper to cut out train tracks to lead up your sidewalk into the party
  • use black electrical tape to make train tracks inside the house
  • each of the party guests could be given a bandana and train hat to wear
  • toy trains, wooden tracks and mini train traffic signs can be placed on the buffet table around the food
  • train crossing sign could be placed on the front door
  • create a banner of connecting trains that each have a letter on them (H-A-P-P-Y-B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y)
  • turn old boxes into freight cars to hold the party food, favors, etc.
  • use rectangle baskets or dishes as freight cars to serve food in
  • label the box freight cars with {Child Name}’s Express
  • black paper fans could be secured to the bottom of the tablecloths to resemble train wheels

Train Birthday Party Ideas – Activities:

Working on the rails can be a challenging task! A fun activity for the kids is to put them through a train crew member training camp. This could include fun race assignments like:

  • loading the freight train (putting water balloons inside baskets as quickly and safely as possible)
  • directing the train (a 2-person team effort where one person talks to lead a blindfolded team member through an obstacle course)
  • building a train out of LEGO pieces and racing them down a track
  • A train tag game where one person is chosen as “it” and as he/she tags people, those people join onto the back of the “train” (hanging onto the waist of the person in front of them). The winner is the train’s caboose (the last person caught)!

Train Birthday Party Ideas – Food:

Your party buffet could include a menu board labeled as the “Chew Chew Cafe” and could serve food such as:

  • black licorice labeled as “Train Tracks”
  • brown bagged lunches (sandwiches, bags of chips, juice box)
  • mini round appetizers labeled as “Boulders”
  • barbeques vegetable kabobs labeled as “Steam Engine Vegetables”

Train Birthday Party Ideas – Favors:

The favor area could be labeled as “Cargo” and the favors could be placed in a box decorated to look like a freight train. One of my favorite ideas for a party favor is a wooden train whistle. The kids are sure to have a lot of fun with these! Some other cute favor ideas include:

  • train hat
  • train shaped cup
  • small train craft (like a paint-your-own wooden train)
  • train shaped cookies
  • small train toys
  • train stickers

Train Birthday Party Ideas – Supplies:

Here are some additional examples for train birthday party ideas:

Train Birthday Party Ideas1. Thomas Tattoos
2. Thomas Favor Set
3. Deluxe Thomas Favor Set
4. Thomas the Tank Balloon
5. Thomas the Tank Engine Pinata
6. Round Thomas Balloon
7. Thomas Luncheon Napkins
8. Thomas Cake Plates
9. Thomas Dinner Plates
10. Thomas Cups
11. Thomas Whistles
12. Thomas Party Game
13. Train Birthday Box
14. Train Cake Pan
15. Train Favor Box
16. Train Cookie Cutter
17. Train Sipper Cup
18. Wooden Train Whistle

Train Birthday Party Ideas

19. Train Ultimate Favor Set
20. Train Conductor Invite
21. Traveling Train Invite
22. Little Caboose Invite
23. Train Candles & Holder Set
24. Childs Cotton Train Conductor Hats
25. Train Blowouts
26. Train Shaped Assorted Suckers
27. Thomas Wooden Railway – Happy Birthday Express
28. Thomas the Tank Engine Party Tote Bag
29. Thomas the Train Crazy Straws
30. Special Cargo Celebration Thomas

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