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Welcome to Party Tip Tuesday! Today I’d like to introduce you to Lili with Swanky::Chic::Fete. Although she doesn’t design parties professionally, you’d never be able to tell with the beautiful parties that she puts together! Today she’s here to share tips with us on how to create that special WOW factor in your next party, how to re-use items around your house for party decor and more!

Swanky::Chic:Fete Party

1) How would you describe Swanky::Chic::Fete?

My little blog’s title reflects what I want everyday little celebrations to be – a fun gathering with a bit of style and casual elegance.

2) How long have you been planning and designing parties?

After our son was born, I needed to be hands-on planning for his birthday parties and I discovered my love for preparing creative ideas for these special milestones. Although I don’t do this professionally, I totally enjoy the whole process of imagining, conceptualizing and finally creating all the fun details that go with every party. Seeing the joy in your child’s face is all the more worth it and you want to do it for him all the time for ANY occasion.

Swanky::Chic::Fete Soccer

3) What are your best tips for putting a WOW factor into parties?

Anything personalized or customized for the celebrant, adds that extra special detail that’s memorable. It can be a personalized shirt or outfit that stands the celebrant apart from the guests. Making guests admire all the pretty party details is one thing but making them feel at home and truly making them enjoy from start to finish at a party is I think key in making your event pretty remarkable and unforgettable.

4) What is your favorite product to work with in parties and why?

I love utilizing existing home decor and on-hand items to recycle or re-use on any party. Previously, we had used a diaper changer made of weathered wood as a beverage station for a baby shower. I also utilized my son’s toy cases and lunch boxes as party decor to hold balloons and a cake stand. These are not your usual party products but I love the element of it being unexpected and unique. It also saves money and time to use products available on hand so that’s even better for me!

Swanky::Chic::Fete Birthday

5) What is the most original activity idea for kids that you’ve seen at a party?

It was a rock star-themed birthday party where the guests get to go up the stage – sing, dance and perform to their favorite songs complete with backup singers and background music. Kids totally rocked it out and had fun – no room for stage fright right there!

All photos featured here are courtesy of Swanky::Chic::Fete.

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