Ideas In Your City

When looking for guest demonstrators, guest speakers or playdate ideas in your city, here are a few of the words you can do a Google search on in your city – just start each of the words below with your city name (example, Calgary library).

Playdate Ideas To Look For In Your City:

  • library
  • health region
  • moms group
  • new moms
  • single moms/single dads
  • kids recreation
  • kid friendly activities
  • mommy and me
  • prenatal
  • pregnancy
  • gymnastics
  • recreation center
  • tourism
  • museum
  • family fun
  • zoo
  • parent resource
  • family services
  • u-pick farm
  • leisure center
  • event calendar
  • science center
  • parks & recreation

When trying to plan creative playdate ideas for your mom & tot group, just think about the fun places that you like to go with your own kids. Here are a few questions to ask when deciding to include it in your list of playdate ideas:

  • Do these places have enough space to accommodate your mom & tot group?
  • Is it affordable or are they able to offer you discounted rates?
  • Are they open during the time that you normally host your mom & tot meetings?
  • Is this place stroller accessible and toddler friendly?
  • If this is an outdoor location, will you plan a backup meeting place in case of bad weather?
  • Would parents need to bring any of their own supplies? For example, swimsuits and towels, painting shirts, bug spray, etc. If there are items to pack, be sure to let the moms know this ahead of time.
  • Do you need to book space in advance?
  • Do you need to arrange for a tour guide?
  • Do you have to be aware of any potential allergies at this location (pets, food, etc.)?

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