Mini Snowman Cheese Ball Snack

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A couple of years ago my mom made a delicious cheese ball that had a few different kinds of cheese in it with bacon bits and I’m pretty sure I ate the entire thing. I’ve thought about asking her for the recipe but I’m pretty sure that I’d gain a few pounds by eating nothing but cheese ball for an entire week. As you may have seen from some of the last few posts on Moms & Munchkins, I’m on a roll here with quick & easy Christmas snack ideas. Today I made a little snack pack for kids that includes a DIY mini snowman cheese ball.

Snowman Cheese Ball

Mini Snowman Cheese Ball DIY Snack:

If you have a delicious cheese ball recipe, you can start with that. For the quick & easy way, I used herb & garlic cream cheese for the cheese ball portion. Simply take a little scoop and form it into a ball with your hands. In your child’s DIY snack pack you can also add in some mini triangle shaped carrot sticks for a nose, a few black sprinkles for eyes, mouth and buttons (sliced black olives would work too but I don’t think you’ll find many kids who like black olives), pretzel sticks for arms and some long rectangle crackers (call these toboggans) for spreading the cheese onto as a snack. Another idea I thought of after I took the picture was to add a cheese string that kids could use as a little scarf on their snowman.

Kids can then use their little DIY snack pack to make their own mini snowman cheese balls.

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