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Skype with SantaIt was a pretty exciting evening at our house tonight because we had the chance to Skype with Santa! That’s right – the real Santa Claus straight from the North Pole!

Through Skype with Santa, you can arrange for a personal one-on-one chat with your child and Santa Claus. Each Skype session is typically 10 minutes. The child has the opportunity to chat with Santa, talk about his/her wish list, tell Santa if he/she has been a good boy or girl, and ask some Santa a few questions. Here are some fun ideas for questions you could ask Santa Claus:

  • How’s the weather in the North Pole?
  • How many hours a day to the elves work to make the toys?
  • What do reindeer eat?
  • What kind of cookies do you prefer we leave out for you this year?
  • What does Mrs. Claus do while you’re out delivering toys for Christmas?

The call is really easy to set up and it’s FREE! Click here to select a date and time (times listed are EST), fill out the form to tell Santa a little bit about yourself (name, what you want for Christmas, etc.) and any other important information you think Santa should know (like the great report card this year, the goals you scored at hockey, the new sibling you have on the way, the donations you are doing this year for Christmas, etc.). You will then receive a confirmation email to confirm your booking. Your contact information (and any other information you provide) is only used for the purpose of this chat with Santa.

When your Skype with Santa date arrives, simply call “tecskypewithsanta” to be connected with Santa Claus. Skype with Santa chat sessions are available now until December 23rd.

Santa was really jolly & a pleasure to chat with. This will be a fun family tradition that we’ll do every year. Maybe next time we can have a milk & cookie Skype chat with Santa while we discuss our upcoming plans for Christmas.

What would your little one want to ask Santa?

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