Road Trip Pop Top Craft

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An easy road trip idea is to create a pop top craft. The pop top craft is pretty simple to make. You’ll need a can with a pull tab top, a can opener that opens the can under the rim without sharp edges (not opening on top of the can), glue, some games and some candy treats. By removing the bottom of the can to fill with treats & games, the pop top of the can stays in place and is ready to be popped open in the event of an emergency case of road trip boredom.

Pop Top Craft

Road Trip Pop Top Craft:

Start by using the can opener to remove the bottom of the can (leaving the pop top side in place). Wash out the can & dry it well. You can then print this free road trip pop top craft label to go around the outside of the can. This label reads “Road Trip Boredom Emergency Kit – In Case of Emergency, Pop the Top”. Glue this label in place.

You’ll then fill the can with games, stickers and candies. Here are 3 fun & free printable travel games that can go inside your road trip pop top craft. These games are: road trip scavenger hunt, road trip I spy, and a road trip alphabet game.

Pop Top Craft

Pop Top Craft

You’ll then want to use glue lightly around the rim of the bottom that will be placed back on the pop top craft. Once the bottom is glued and attached back to the rest of the can, place a heavy book on top of it (the weight will help the two pieces stay together while the glue dries). Leave this book on top overnight.

Pop Top Craft

You can then pack this road trip pop top craft to bring along with you on your trip. Your kids are sure to love the Road Trip Emergency Boredom Kit!

Don’t miss these two FREE Road Trip printable games: Road Trip Scavenger Hunt and Road Trip BINGO.

Road Trip Tips

Road Trip Tips

How do you keep your kids entertained on long road trips?

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  1. That is brilliant! I am doing this for each one of my kids and our next summer road trip. I may even have them pack one for each other so they have fun doing the work and I’ll just do the final glue bits. We’ll all be surprised by what’s inside.


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