Treats For Toys – Giving Back This Holiday Season

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Have you made your Rice Krispies Treats For Toys creations yet? From now until December 24th, each toy-shaped creation you make with Rice Krispies benefits a child less fortunate this holiday season. For every treat uploaded to social media using the #TreatsForToys hashtag, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies donates $20 to the Salvation Army to buy a toy for a child who may not otherwise have gifts under the tree this year. So far we’ve made a car, a plane and a castle and we’re having a lot of fun with it! Check out what some of our friends have created:

Here’s our castle and you can check out our car & plane for the #TreatsForToys program here.

Rice Krispies Treats For Toys

Rice Krispies Treats For Toys:

Not sure what to make for your toy-shaped creation? Visit the Treats For Toys website for inspiration both from Rice Krispies and from other families across Canada. This is an activity that the entire family will have fun with. Finally – a great reason to play with your food!

Here are some fun ideas:

  • a toy inspired by your favourite video game
  • a doll with string licorice hair
  • a snowman
  • a dragon
  • a toboggan racing down a Rice Krispies hill covered in coconut
  • a microphone for karaoke
  • try to recreate your favourite stuffed animal
  • a dollhouse using Rice Krispies squares as bricks
  • a train carrying candy
  • playground equipment like a slide or swing set
  • a piano using icing to color the keys white and black
  • an art easel with an icing masterpiece painted on it

Remember to use the #TreatsForToys hashtag when uploading your creations to social media so that your creation counts towards a donation for a deserving child this holiday season.

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