Games To Play With Remote Control Cars

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Have you seen Hot Wheel’s newest, fully remote controlled cars? We were given the Hot Wheels High Jump Stunt Truck and the Hot Wheels Hyper Racer to test out. I think my husband and my dad have been having as much fun with them as my 3 year old son has! My son is a little too young to understand all the remote control car games we set up but we’re having fun teaching him. He loves racing the cars around the house but doesn’t always push the right button. We all had a good chuckle at him the other night because my dad was trying to teach him some tricks with the High Jump Stunt Truck and he was saying “Push the Up button! No, push Up!” so my son was standing on his toes, holding the remote above his head and still pushing the Down button. Ha! You don’t have to understand all the tricks to still have a great time with these cars.

Remote Control Car Games

I managed to get a few pictures of the cars but I quickly realized that I’d have to do the pictures after he went to bed because there was no putting these cars down. The cars are advertised for the 5-7 age range but my 3 year old is having a lot of fun with them. Like I said, he doesn’t quite understand all the cool things you can do with them but they’ve been leaping over ramps and driving donuts in the living room and they’re holding up well to his play.

Hot Wheels High Jump Stunt Truck:

This stunt truck lets you trigger a gravity defying ‘high jump’ feature that kids are sure to love. This high jump feature is activated with one button during the driving sequence. Perfect for stunt racing! This vehicle includes a rechargeable battery and a wall charger.

Remote Control Car Games

Hot Wheels Hyper Racer:

It didn’t take my son long to figure out that this vehicle can change color. A really cool feature! Just push the hyper mode button and watch it glow a bright green color. With the push of the “hyper” button on the controller, you activate cool sounds, the color changing feature and activate hyper speed. I dare your other remote controlled cars to beat this hyper speed!

Remote Control Car Games

My son was trying to run and chase this car but he can’t outrun it yet – a great way to burn off some of that energy while we are stuck inside this winter!

Remote Control Car Games

Remote Control Car Games:

Other than racing your remote controlled cars through the house and down the street, what games do you play with your remote controlled cars? Here are some fun suggestions:

  • using cardboard boxes and other toys around the house, set up some ramp jumps
  • set up an indoor racing obstacle course with safety cones, hula hoops, boxes to drive through and other challenging tricks
  • create your own bowling game with old plastic bottles then use the remote control car as the “ball” to knock down the pins
  • use your remote controlled car like a robot to deliver special messages and treats to family members in other areas of the house

These cars are sure to be on the wish list of many kids this holiday season so be sure to grab yours before the last-minute shopping rush begins!

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