Recipe Ideas Using Wholly Guacamole

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This post is courtesy of our contributor Carolyn…Just before the holidays, I was given the opportunity to try Wholly Guacamole.  Boy was it hard to find but maybe for good reason; it was far better in flavor than the competition! I looked for weeks before finally finding it at Costco. The box was cubed and I assumed the inside package was one large serving of Guacamole but to my enjoyment there were four 8oz packages inside. I decided to try three recipes and follow the suggestions on the box to freeze one for later use. I found all the recipes with guacamole on along with hundreds of other ideas of how to use the guacamole and discovered there are other products besides guacamole (I can’t wait to try the salsa)!

Recipes with Guacamole

The first recipe I chose was an appetizer for a Christmas party I was attending. I love spicy food but my boyfriend and son can’t handle it like I do but I chose stuffed jalapenos because I know the host and hostess would enjoy them as well! Note: I later heard that the spiciness of the jalapeno can be changed depending on leaving some of the ribbing and seeds as well as the size of the jalapeno. I haven’t done any research so if you know of anywhere to validate this rumor let me know below! I made a dozen of my traditional poppers with all my family favorite ingredients and made a dozen following the Wholly Guacamole recipe – Wholly Stuffed Jalapenos. The Wholly Guacamole recipe was quick and because the only preparation was to mix the guacamole with cream cheese rather than the many ingredients I add to my family recipe, it was my favorite for preparation. The taste was phenomenal. I can eat my fair share of stuffed jalapenos on a good day, but if I didn’t have to share I would have ate them all! The hostess and I joked about eating them all ourselves and luckily they went in the oven last so we pretty much could have!

Recipes with Guacamole

The second recipe I chose was Guacamole BLTG, a twist on the BLT, made with fresh French bread and guacamole. I am new to the day home business and am always looking for exciting flavorful recipes the children may like for lunch! The BLTG was a hit with one of the children and a slight miss with the other. By miss I mean she ate the whole sandwich but the vegetables! I ate two servings of the delicious sandwich, putting a little extra bacon and guacamole on my second (shhhh). I precooked the bacon the night before and warmed it in the microwave because I don’t have much time to cook with the toddlers pulling at my pant legs. After warming the bacon, the sandwiches were made in minutes and gobbled in even less time!

Recipes with Guacamole

Finally, I chose a recipe that would be take little time to prepare and an easy clean up because we were heading out of the house for an event afterwards. My family eats a lot of chicken and we are always out and about so our choice for a quick meal was Grilled Chicken Fettuccine. Everything was cooked in a frying pan except the noodles which were boiled. Two pans, a knife and cutting board were the only other items that needed to be washed and cleanup was done! The taste was fresh and reminded me of a summer meal on the deck, just what I needed in the deep of winter!

Recipes with Guacamole

Other Recipes With Guacamole I’d Like To Try Soon!

The last package of Wholly Guacamole was frozen for later use! Some ideas I have planned for it are the Easy Mexican Skillet Dish or the Mini Wedge Salad!  My mouth is watering thinking about, I may have to pull the Wholly Guacamole out now and make a delightful dish with it…

Recipes with Guacamole

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  1. Wholly stuffed jalepenos! My goodness, I’m salivating just looking at them. Will make these for DH’s Superbowl party.

  2. I’d love to try the fettucine. I’d NEVER have thought
    to add guacamole to it, but it would be so good – it would
    add some deliciously healthy creaminess to the dish. Thanks
    for sharing these great ideas!


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