10 Reasons to Book with Global Resort Homes

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As I get older, I get even more particular about my vacation plans. When I was a young single traveller, my choices were usually based simply on price. Although value still plays a large part in my decision, I also now look for comfort, convenience & luxury. I’ve been browsing the Global Resort Homes website for a while now admiring all the beautiful vacation homes they have for rent. On a recent trip to Kissimmee, I had the pleasure of staying in one of their homes in Champions Gate & I absolutely loved it! After experiencing the difference of vacation home comfort, I’m going to have a tough time going back to hotels. Don’t get me wrong…there are some great hotels out there that I’ve really enjoyed but staying in a vacation home was a completely different experience. Not sure if a vacation home is the right choice for you? Here are my top 10 reasons to book with Global Resort Homes.

Reasons to book with Global Resort Homes

Reasons to Book with Global Resort Homes:

1. Avoid Overloaded Luggage. Our first family vacation was when my son was about 6 months old & I went a little overboard on packing. Okay, I went way overboard. I packed everything from the essentials like diapers & clothes to the inflatable duck bathtub. Hey, I was a first-time mom…what did my husband expect? When staying in a Global Resort Homes property, you can start erasing items off that packing list because you’ll have access to all the essentials at home like a washer & dryer, full kitchen, and more. No need to pack clothes for every day of your trip when you can do laundry in the vacation home any time you want. And for the overly cautious first-time mom, you can leave the inflatable duck tub at home. {wink}

2. Great For Managing Food Allergies. My son has severe food allergies so travel can be quite stressful. I prefer to buy groceries & make his meals myself but that’s incredibly hard to do in a hotel. In a typical hotel room, you may find a mini fridge to hold a mid-day snack but in a Global Resort Homes property you’ll have a full kitchen with a fridge, stove, sink, dishwasher, microwave, dishes, pots, pans and more. Knowing I can make all his food myself, avoiding the risk of cross-contamination in restaurants, takes so much stress off of me & allows me to spend more time enjoying our vacation.

Reasons to book with Global Resort Homes

3. You Get Your Own Pool! Your kids will jump for joy when they hear this news! No need to worry about crowded pools, opening or closing times, finding the perfect seat by the pool or all that noise. You’ll find the screened pool area in the backyard of your vacation home but it has a fence around it for safety so you can keep your little ones away from the water until you’re ready to go with them. The patio area is a great place to host a family BBQ!

Reasons to book with Global Resort Homes

Reasons to book with Global Resort Homes

4. Accessibility. If you’re travelling with family members who need main floor access to a bedroom & bathroom, talk to the Global Resort Homes booking agent. They have many homes that provide convenient accessibility so all members of your family can enjoy their stay. The home I stayed in had two large bedrooms, three bathrooms, the kitchen & a living room all on the main floor.

Reasons to book with Global Resort Homes

5. No Fights Over The TV Remote. We’ve all been there…the whole family sitting on one bed in the hotel room arguing about what show to watch. The kids want to watch cartoons, your husband wants to watch sports & you just want some quiet time to read a book. This wouldn’t be a problem in a Global Resort Homes property! Many of the vacation homes have a television in each bedroom plus a television in each living room. In the house I just stayed in, there were 8 televisions!

As an added bonus – now you can watch television after your kids go to sleep without disturbing them. When sharing a hotel room with your kids, you usually end up going to sleep when they do because you don’t want to keep them up with the television or a reading light.

Reasons to book with Global Resort Homes

6. No Morning Rush In The Bathroom. Anyone else schedule morning showers when you’re in a regular hotel suite? Mom can go first so she has time to do her makeup, the kids go next then Dad (if he’s lucky) has about 5 minutes to get showered, dressed and out the door before the shuttle arrives to take you on your next adventure.

Avoid that morning rush in a Global Resort Homes vacation home. Many of the homes have one bathroom for every bedroom. The homes all have plenty of towels plus a washer & dryer so you’ll never have to sneak extra towels off the hotel housekeeping cart again. Admit it…we’ve all done it. {wink}

You’ll have plenty of counter space for all your toiletries & no one has to feel rushed in the morning…unless you forget to set your alarm clock.

Reasons to book with Global Resort Homes

7. Quiet Neighborhoods. Have you ever been sleeping in a hotel with a room by the elevator that wakes you up every time someone gets off on your floor? How about the kids running down the hotel hallways at night? Or what about the knocks on your hotel room door at 8am from housekeeping wanting to know if they can clean your room? All things you don’t have to worry about in a vacation home with Global Resort Homes!

You can sleep in (if your kids allow it) without having to remember the “Do Not Disturb” sign. You don’t have to worry about the bedroom next to you hosting a late night party. No one will be dragging their luggage through your hallways at 4am to catch their early morning flight. After all, you’re supposed to sleep in on vacation, right?

8. The Savings! Whether you’re looking for a large home for a multi-family vacation or a small condo for a single family, Global Resort Homes has plenty of options to choose from. Think a vacation home rental is too expensive? Then you’re in for a surprise! You can rent a home for less than you’d pay in a hotel! If you’re travelling with a group, you’ll find the cost savings to stay in a large vacation home so much better than renting multiple hotel rooms.

Also consider the cost savings of eating at home rather than eating at a restaurant for three meals a day. Eating out can be so expensive!

9. Comforts Of Home Plus The Luxuries Of A Vacation. A lot of people like staying in hotels because of the luxury. There are plenty of hotels that know how to treat their guests to a memorable luxury experience. In a vacation home, you can have both luxury with the comforts of home. With a kitchen, living rooms, games room, your own private pool & more, you’ll feel like a rock star while still having those comforts of home like your own bedroom & home cooked meals.

Reasons to book with Global Resort Homes

Reasons to book with Global Resort Homes

Reasons to book with Global Resort Homes

10. The Global Resort Homes Mobile Concierge. Global Resort Homes wants to make sure you have everything you need to take the stress out of travel. The Global Resort Homes Mobile Concierge can help you with things like baby item rentals (cribs, strollers, car seats), theme park tickets, area attractions and more.

BONUS! If you’re staying in one of the properties in Champions Gate, you’ll have access to the Oasis Clubhouse. This clubhouse is so amazing – I had to write an article just on the clubhouse! A lazy river, kids waterpark, theatre, and more!

Oasis Clubhouse in Champions Gate Resort

Global Resort Homes takes great pride in their business & the management of rental properties. Find out why they were voted Management Company of the Year!

Ready to start browsing properties & planning your next vacation? Check out the Global Resort Homes website!

Reasons to book with Global Resort Homes

*Disclosure: Accommodations provided by Experience Kissimmee & Global Resort Homes. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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