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I am so excited to announce that the snow is finally gone! Hip Hip Hooray! We had a new snowfall record this year and I was worried that the snow would last until June. My little guy is so happy to be back to playing outside and he was really excited to see his new Fisher-Price Power Wheels Harley-Davidson Rocker. He can now cruise down the sidewalk in style without Mom & Dad having to push him along on his tricycle. Yep, this little dude is enjoying his new independence!

Power Wheels Harley-Davidson Rocker

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Harley-Davidson Rocker:

This ride-on motorcycle is geared towards ages 18 months to 4 years and it has a maximum weight capacity of 50 pounds. My husband was a little disappointed that they didn’t have one in his size too!

My little guy needed a little briefing on how to get started, how to switch to reverse and how to stop. He still needs a bit of practice but he’s starting to get it. Actually, one of the first times he hopped on we happened to be in the garage and he started driving towards the wall. The goofy little guy took his hands off the handles and put them up over  his eyes and he drove into the wall. He sure had a good laugh about that before he switched it in reverse and threw his hands up over his eyes again. Oh boy…I think we’re going to have trouble with this little dude! I can’t tell if he’s a daredevil in training or a scaredy cat! Either way, with a maximum speed of 2.5 mph (4 km/h), I’ll be able to catch him if he tries any more sneaky tricks.

Power Wheels Harley-Davidson Rocker

I love how his hair blows in the breeze as he cruises down the sidewalk. He’s just too cute! It took him a long time to grow hair so even though he may have a curly mullet now, I’m not ready to cut off any of those golden locks! Besides, don’t all the cool motorcyclists have mullets?

Another great thing about the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Harley-Davidson Rocker is that it drives both on hard surfaces and grass. So even if my little guy takes after his mommy’s driving skills, he’ll still be able to cruise if he veers off the walking path and into the grass every now and then.

This is a really cool toy for toddlers and pretty stylish too! So grab those mini leather jackets, sunglasses and temporary tattoos and get ready for a neighbourhood cruise!

You can learn more about the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Harley-Davidson Rocker here on the Fisher-Price website.

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