Pie Baking Contest Ideas + Printables

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A fun idea for a Fall party is a Pie Baking Contest. How perfect would it be to have a family pie baking competition with your Thanksgiving celebrations or around Christmas when you’re looking to load your freezer with sweet treats for the holiday season or even in the summer with all the fresh berries from your garden. Any season is a great time for a pie baking competition and we have pie baking contest printables to help with your planning!

Pie Baking Contest Ideas

Pie Baking Contest Printables:

The Pie Baking Competition Printables include an invitation for your party. You can print it for FREE below!

Pie Baking Contest Printables

How do you judge the pies? By tasting, of course! You can provide your guests will several small appetizer plates and mini forks so they can taste & rate their favorites. Perhaps you want a ballot form with all the awards listed in one column with a column next to it for the “x”‘s so people can mark down who gets their vote for categories like Best Crumble, 1st Place, Most Original, etc.

If guests are willing to share their recipes, you can also ask guests to bring recipe cards to set beside their pies so the other tasters can make the pies at home. You can also make a “Toppings Bar” with items like caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, etc. that the tasters can add to their samples. You’ll want to have a few takeout containers available so you can share leftovers with the guests.

Pie Baking Contest Printables

The printables also include food labels for just about any pie you can think of; however, if we missed one we can make it for you! The labels included in this printable package are:

  • blueberry
  • strawberry
  • peach
  • coconut cream
  • banana cream
  • lemon meringue
  • key lime
  • raspberry
  • pecan
  • caramel apple
  • pot pie
  • rhubarb
  • pumpkin
  • chocolate
  • apple
  • cherry

Pie Baking Contest Printables

We also have award ribbons for choosing your favorites in a variety of categories. The award ribbons include:

  • 1st Place
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place
  • Best Pie
  • Most Original
  • Winner
  • Best Pie Crust
  • Best Crumble

Pie Baking Contest Printables

Pie Baking Contest Printables

How To Print Your Free Pie Baking Contest Printables:

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Pie Baking Printable

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Pie Baking Contest Printables

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