Parade Ideas For Kids

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These parade ideas for kids are a fun moms & tots group idea or a perfect activity to include in a neighborhood block party. No matter if your little one is in a stroller, a wagon or a bike, everyone can participate in these parade ideas for kids.

Parade Ideas for Kids

Parade Ideas for Kids:

From your local dollar store or party supply store, you could pick up some supplies such as tissue flowers, ribbons, balloons and tape to decorate the bikes on your play date or everyone could do their decorating ahead of time and just meet at the park.

These parade ideas for kids could also include wagons to create mini parade floats and your little ones could bring along their favorite stuffed animal friends to join them in the parade.

Before the parade, stand in a circle to allow each child the chance to go into the center to show their creation and receive cheers from the rest of the group.  Start your parade through the park ending at a little awards ceremony & lemonade stand.  Little medals can be purchased at your local dollar store or party supply store.

Be sure to bring along extra decorations, tape, hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, lemonade, small cups, award medals and your camera.

Did you participate in bike parades as a child? My first one was in kindergarten where I realized I was the ONLY child still using a tricycle! My parents remind me of how cute they thought I was as the last kid to arrive on my squeaky wheeled tricycle. Oh…the embarrassment! Good thing my memory doesn’t go that far back!

If you could design any sort of parade float, what would you include on your float?

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