Free Pacifier Fairy Printables

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Does your little one have a pacifier that he doesn’t want to give up? Wondering how you’ll be able to say goodbye to the pacifier without all the tears? The Pacifier Fairy is here to help! Have you heard of her? I believe she’s a cousin of the Tooth Fairy.

Pacifier Fairy Printables

What exactly does the Pacifier Fairy do? She writes a note to your child explaining that there are babies who need pacifiers and she asks if your child would be willing to donate his pacifiers to one of these babies. She understands that this is a big favor to ask so she usually offers a little surprise in return.

If your child is willing to give his pacifiers to the Pacifier Fairy, he can help you gather up all the pacifiers at home and tie them together with a ribbon and the “Special Delivery” tag. Simply set them out at night and the Pacifier Fairy will come to visit while your child is asleep. You can leave a “Pacifier Fairy – Stop Here” sign on the door to let her know you’re ready.

Pacifier Fairy Printables

When your child wakes up, he’ll see that the Pacifier Fairy has been to your house for the collection. She leave behind a “The Pacifier Fairy Was Here” door hanger, an official receipt and a thank you tag with a small gift.

Pacifier Fairy Printables  Pacifier Fairy Printables

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Free Pacifier Fairy Printable

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A big THANK YOU goes out to the fabulous Denise of The CreativiDee Workshop for creating these printables for us. She’s a creative genius and I love the way she can take my ordinary idea and turn it into something extraordinary! Visit her site for free printable organizers and loads of printables for family fun.

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