Rock Star Moms Night Out

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This fun Rock Star Moms Night Out idea includes good music, good company and guaranteed laughter!

I can’t remember the last time I went to a concert or to watch a local band. It’s something I enjoyed doing before I had kids but it’s not something that I’ve considered doing lately. If you’re looking for a fun moms night out with your mommy friends, consider a Rock Star Moms Night Out!

Check out local listings and find a concert at a local hall, casino or pub. It doesn’t have to be a major concert – a local band playing in a club would be a fun moms night out as well. If your group is daring enough, create a theme to dress to. For example, if it’s at a country bar then pull out those boots and oversized buckles! It it’s an old band from the 80’s then get out your hair crimper, neon clothes & hair scrunchies. Here are some great tips for how to dress like an 80’s rockstar.

Rock Star Moms Night Out Game:

Perhaps you’ll want to bring along a fun music trivia game to play during appetizers and drinks or on the way to the club. You could bring your own music mix in the car and play Name That Tune or you could bring along this free printable music trivia quiz. This quiz includes lyrics to popular songs and then the players have to guess the name of the song and the singer. Sounds easy, right? Test your music knowledge and let me know how you do! Here’s a sample:

“I wanna kiss you
But if I do then I might miss you babe
It’s complicated and stupid”

Answer: Lady Gaga – Love Game

Don’t forget your camera because I’m sure there will be lots of photo opportunities throughout the evening during Rock Star Moms Night Out!

What’s the last concert you can remember seeing?

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  1. Hmmmm…now that my daughter is grown, we are able to go to concerts again! I love that she lets me tag along!!! Our last concert was the Foo Fighters in Boston! What a fantastic show! We had really great seats and Dave Grohl is really great with his fans! Great memories were made!!!


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