Enjoying Our Messy Baby

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As the mother of a young boy, we’ve our fair share of messy moments. If there is a mess to get into, it’s a sure bet that my son will be diving right into it. The messier the better! Whether it’s spaghetti that he insists on eating with his hands, a puddle that needs to be splashed in or a pile of dirt for digging, he loves to explore in the messiest way possible. I try to let him explore without being too concerned about the dirt under his nails or the food all over his face. I’ve come to learn that wipes are essential both inside and outside the house because I never know what he may get into.

Messy Eaters

I was so excited for my son to start eating solid foods when he turned six months old. I had cute little plates and utensils, recipe books of delicious baby foods to try, the latest gadgets for making the food myself and adorable bibs. When it came time to put that first bite of food into his mouth, I was ready with my camera in hand to capture the joy on his face! The problem was…he had no interest in food! I wasn’t expecting that. So for the next several months I kept trying different types of mashed and puréed foods with him but he’d spit them all out. As you can imagine, we went through a lot of wipes! One of my favourite pictures of him is this one where he’s trying carrots for the first time. By the look on his face, you can see that they weren’t a hit either!

Thankfully he finally caught onto the joy of eating (yes, even carrots) but he still insists on using his hands for everything. Spaghetti & meat sauce without a fork? No problem. Yogurt without a spoon? Yes, he can manage that too! I let him dig in because I know that the wipes are always close by.

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10 thoughts on “Enjoying Our Messy Baby”

  1. I LOVE messy babies!! When my little girls were little, I always had wipes with me to pick up all the mess they would leave behind. Huggies was always my favorite brand of wipes too!!

  2. I used to hear moms complain about their babies being messy while eating. I was sooooooo the opposite. I could wait to put spaghetti on the plate and allow my children to dig in, explore and make a mess. It’s the fun of having kids. They are messy and fun! Huggies was always our favorite brand, and to this day my son whose almost 8 still uses them for his sensory disorder to keep his hands clean. 🙂

  3. The messy eating stage was never my favorite stage, with four back to back babies I am happy to report it is now History! YAY! But I will say Huggies wipes were and still are always by my side when a messy face takes place!


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