Memory Box Ideas

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Looking for a fun & easy craft for the kids that they can use for many years to come? Try these fun memory box ideas!

Memory Box Ideas
Everyone has special little notes, ticket stubs, photo booth pictures, postcards…something small that they want to hold onto because it has sentimental value. A fun craft idea for kids is to create their own memory box. These memory box ideas are perfect for kids of all ages!

Wondering how to decorate your memory box? That’s easy! Your little ones can create anything they’d like! Since each child creates his/her own memory box, they can create something that’s personal and special to them.

Memory Box Ideas – Decorating:

Some ideas for decorating are:

  • favorite sayings your child likes
  • important dates in their lives like the first day of school or graduation from elementary school
  • photo collages
  • drawings (don’t forget to include the date under the drawing so you’ll always be able to remember when they drew it)
  • stickers, glitter and gems

Memory Box Ideas – Content:

There are so many fun ideas for things that your child may want to include in a memory box. Here are some fun ideas:

  • special notes from friends
  • cards from friends and family
  • cupcake topper from a special birthday
  • silly photo booth pictures
  • ticket stubs from concerts or other events
  • little tokens of friendship like friendship bracelets
  • notes from a teacher
  • photos from special trips
  • small bottle of sand from a beach vacation
  • invitations to fun events you’ve attended
  • a list of your goals (could do this each year and collect them!)
  • notes from the tooth fairy
  • postcards from vacations you’ve been on
  • takeout menu from a favorite restaurant
  • a token from a favorite arcade
  • awards, certificates or ribbons from classes & events you’ve participated in

Did you keep a memory box growing up? Do you still have it?

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5 thoughts on “Memory Box Ideas”

  1. This is a great idea. I haven’t thought of doing a memory box with the boys – but maybe I should. I have a shoebox that has all my highschool and other pre-hubby miscellaneousness in. It’s great to have. 🙂 thanks for the idea!

  2. I LOVE memory boxes and always kept one while growing up. and I also kept one I made about my Grandma after she passed away, which is a great way for kids to remember loved ones 🙂 Great idea!


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