Making Placemats

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A fun craft that kids of all ages can participate in is making placemats.  You’ll need some 12 x 12 paper, markers, stamps, stickers, pictures (photos), glue, scissors and scrapbook embellishments.

Provide each child with a piece of paper and let them use any of the extras listed above plus their imagination to create their own unique placemat. They could be assigned to make one for themselves or be assigned a family member to make one for. Perhaps you could even create some for specific holidays like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and more. You could choose a theme or leave it wide open to see what they come up with on their own.

Ideas for Making Placemats:

  • write down your favorite jokes and pictures to go along with them
  • include some fun photos and draw in silly speech bubbles
  • create a page all about your favorites (favorite foods, characters, movies, activities, etc.)
  • draw pictures of the family pet
  • create your own masterpiece using stamps and stickers
  • create a photo collage of your best family vacation
  • make your own word search
  • make your own maze puzzle
  • personalize one for each family member with their name and some fun facts about them
  • create some themed for each major holiday
  • make one to go under the food dish of your family pet
  • make one with trivia questions and include the answers on the back

Once complete, you can take these to your local office supply store to have them laminated.  Your children will then have their very own placemat to use at the table for meals!

Have Fun!
Making Placemats

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