Kids Party Planning: Venues & Activities Kids Are Sure To Love

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This post on creative kids party locations is courtesy of our contributor Chantelle of Dolled Up Design…Kids birthday parties have changed quite a bit since I was a child. Most of my own parties, and the parties I attended, were hosted at home. Today it seems people are opting more and more to take the noise and chaos outside their home, spurring a whole host of fun activities and options suited for kids birthday parties.

Kids Party Locations and Activities

If you are looking for fun venue ideas for your next party, I have compiled a list of all the fun and interesting activities I have come across when searching out ideas for my own children’s parties. I have tried to include venues with locations throughout Canada, or options that you would be able to search out and find in most major cities. With so many fun and interesting indoor options, there is bound to be something that appeals to any birthday child.

Kids Party Locations:

Kids Party Locations and Activities

LOCAL SPORTS: Consider supporting the home team by booking tickets to a local game. For the young hockey fans, our WHL team offers party packages that include reserved seating and special recognition on the jumbo-tron.

MOVIE THEATRE: For my son’s 7th birthday, we booked one of Cineplex’s Popcorn Parties. My son and his friends got to watch the Lego Batman Movie with the VIP treatment, and then we enjoyed pizza and cake in one of their party rooms. It was affordable, and easily the calmest and most stress-free children’s party I have hosted. Check your nearest theatre to see what types of packages they offer.

Kids Party Locations and Activities

VIDEO GAME PARTY: One other party option from Cineplex is a gaming party that allows your party child and their friends to play their favorite Xbox game on one of the big screens. I can see older kids really enjoying this Xbox Big Screen Parties option.

MINI GOLF: Mini golf is a fun and easy activity for all ages. We are lucky to have a few great indoor courses nearby that accommodate birthdays, including fun blacklight glowing courses.

BOWLING: Bowling is another activity that works great for a wide range of ages. Speak to your nearest bowling alley to learn about the different options. For younger kids, it is best to seek out somewhere with 5 pin bowling and bumper guards.

CHUCK E CHEESE: Who doesn’t love Chuck E Cheese? My children have attended several different birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese and always have a blast. Since they have been doing parties for years, everything is very streamlined and easy to plan.

ESCAPE ROOM: For the older set, an escape room could be a fun way to spend time with friends on their special day. Many escape rooms now offer easier challenge rooms for children and give kids the chance to really bond while working through the challenge with their buddies.

Kids Party Locations and Activities

INDOOR PLAYGROUND: We are lucky to have some amazing indoor playgrounds in Edmonton and I know my kids would be thrilled to spend time with friends at any of them. Check your favorite local play place – many have party rooms and offer birthday packages to make for stress free party planning.

ROCK CLIMBING: For the active kid, rock climbing makes a fun and challenging party option. Qualified instructors will help the kids scale the walls and all that will be left for you to bring is a cake and snacks for refuelling.

TRAMPOLINE PARK: While I am not the biggest fan of trampoline parks, my kids always have a blast when we visit one.  This is another great option that allows you to be pretty hands-off while the kids jump for the hour before attending to the regular cake and gift opening elements of a birthday party.

POOL PARTY: Growing up, I had several memorable parties where my mom would rent out the entire pool for my friends and I to enjoy an hour of swimming, followed by cake in a party room. This works best once kids are able to be in the pool without direct adult supervision (8 and above). Check your local pool for rental rates or, alternatively, many hotels with larger pools and waterslides now offer birthday party options.

GYMNASTICS: If your kid loves gymnastics, a party at a local club likely offers party packages with all the equipment and instruction needed to bring out their inner gymnast. For younger kids, the enthusiastic instructors at My Gym or Little Gym are sure to make for a fun and interactive experience for all guests.

LASER TAG: My son has been begging for a laser tag party after attending one for a friend. It was noisy and chaotic, but the kids all worked up a sweat and had a great time. My only hesitation booking is that the equipment can be pretty bulky for younger ages, so definitely check what age group your facility recommends for their different equipment.

NERF PARTY: What birthday child wouldn’t love a party where they get to run around shooting their friends with Nerf guns? Nerf camps and parties seem to be growing in popularity so a quick google search of your area can help tell you if anything similar is offered near you. After seeing how much fun my son had at Nerf camp, I know this would be a great option.

Kids Party Locations and Activities

MICHAEL’S CRAFT STORES: For the kid that is more of the quiet, crafting type you can rent out the classroom at Michael’s and have an instructor help the kids make a craft project of your choosing. There are a wide range of themes and projects available and each guest gets to take home their finished creation.

4 CATS STUIO: If you are lucky enough to have a 4 Cats Studio nearby, it is another great venue for your budding artist. Options include collage art, a painting party, a pouring party, or adorable clay figures.

CERAMIC PAINTING: Ceramic painting studios seem to keep popping up all over and can be a great choice for a birthday party.  There is usually a wide range of pieces to select from with varying price points, and the mess is all kept in their studio instead of at your home.

Kids Party Locations and Activities

PC COOKING SCHOOL: While it may seem a bit strange to have a party at a grocery store, I have always heard good things about the PC Cooking School parties. Kids from ages 4-16 can create kid-friendly treats and have fun decorating with their friends before enjoying what they have cooked up.

FROZEN YOGURT: Many frozen yogurt locations offer private parties where kids get the store to themselves to experience the frozen yogurt making process and then enjoy a variety of yogurt and toppings. You wouldn’t even need a birthday cake with this option.

Kids Party Locations and Activities

ZOO: If you have a zoo in your city, chances are they offer some sort of birthday party packages. Our zoo is open year round and offers a variety of party options to celebrate with the animals during the winter months.

ANIMAL SHELTER: Our local Humane Society offers birthday parties where the guests can come and interact with the animals and learn more about the shelter. One of my daughter’s favorite outings is to go pet the kitties at the Humane Society, so this type of party would be right up her alley.

BUILD-A-BEAR: Another option is to create your own furry friend at any Build-A-Bear store. The birthday child and their guests get to go through the process of choosing, stuffing and naming a new friend they’ll be excited to take home afterwards. This makes for a fun activity and party favour all in one.

Kids Party Locations and Activities

MINI MAKEOVER: Pamper your birthday kid and all their best friends with the themed makeover party options from Beaners Fun Cuts. My 5 year old daughter would be thrilled to spend her special day getting her hair, make-up and nails done with all her friends. No Beaners Fun Cuts in your area? Check your local listings for spas that offer birthday party packages for kids.

There really is something for everyone when it comes to different birthday party packages and venue options. The amount of options can be daunting, but hopefully this list has given you some good ideas to get your search started and find the perfect place to celebrate your child’s special day.

Kids Party Locations and Activities

We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Chantelle for sharing these creative ideas with us! Her parties & crafts are always easy to recreate and kids love them! Be sure to follow her on 

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