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When is the last time you hosted a large dinner party? Besides this past weekend, I honestly can’t remember. My husband was away this past Thanksgiving so my son and I ate at home alone. My husband was in the hospital last Christmas so there was no big meal then either. I love entertaining but I haven’t had an opportunity for a big feast for a while now. When I saw that KFC had a new Sweet Chili Crunch chicken, I knew this was a great time to plan a feast and celebrate with some family and friends.

KFC Sweet Chili Crunch

I planned a dinner party at a friend’s house and we had ten guests in total. We went together to order the food so that we could help each other calculate just how much food we needed for 10 people. One of the great things about ordering at KFC is that they have a wide variety to choose from so we were able to please all of the guests. Just what does a dinner party for ten people look like? We had quite the buffet of food when we set it all out on the counter. We had:

  • a 20-piece bucket of chicken plus we swapped out some pieces for the new Sweet Chili Crunch chicken so we had something for everyone’s tastes
  • 10-piece hot wings plus a variety of dipping sauces
  • large popcorn chicken
  • 2 large fries
  • 3 large salads
  • 2 gravies
  • 2L of pop
  • 8 desserts (cheesecake and chocolate lava cake)

KFC Sweet Chili Crunch

KFC Sweet Chili Crunch

Drooling yet? {wink} I loved the large variety! It can be hard to find take-out that will please everyone – especially the younger guests – but everyone loved the meal. We had guests from age 2 to grandparents.

KFC Sweet Chili Crunch

While we were waiting for our meal at the restaurant, memories of high school lunches came back to me. The same friend that I was there with on the weekend was the same friend I had enjoyed many KFC lunches with over 20 years ago at that same KFC. Isn’t it funny how a song, a smell or a place can bring back memories like that?

KFC’s Sweet Chili Crunch Available For A Limited Time:

KFC’s Sweet Chili Crunch chicken was delicious! It’s a mixture of sweet & spicy with a crunchy coating. You’ll need extra napkins with this one but it’s so worth it! I love the extra kick of flavour. It’s only available until November 23, 2014 so don’t wait too long to order yours! This would be perfect for an afternoon of watching football at home with your family.

Read what others think of the Sweet Chili Crunch chicken on Twitter following #SweetChiliCrunch.

KFC Sweet Chili Crunch

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