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Jocelyn of Inside BruCrew Life makes me wish I could have chocolate for every meal of the day! She always has such delicious recipes to share (appetizers, meals and oh so many desserts). I know that her Facebook page is one you are going to want to follow. You’ll quickly see why she has over 20K followers and continues to gain new fans every day. Today she is here to share some tips with us on choosing food for a party along with links to some tasty recipes. I’ll now pass it over to Jocelyn!

Inside BruCrew Life

1) What is Inside BruCrew Life?

Inside BruCrew Life started as a family blog where I could share pictures, crafts, and recipes once my children were in school full time.  Over the years I realized that I enjoyed creating and sharing recipes the most.  About 2 1/2 years ago I transitioned into doing desserts all the time with a few fun posts here and there.  BruCrew Life has become a place where I can share my love of desserts through cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and more.  I enjoy making creative and simple recipes that are easy to recreate in your kitchen using baking mixes and sprinkles.  I enjoy finding ways to turn premade into homemade with flair.  Hop on over to BruCrew Life and bake, eat, and repeat with us as I share life from our kitchen.

Inside BruCrew Life

2) What do you suggest for fun snacks perfect for a play date?

I love to make homemade granola bars.  They are easy to put together, travel well, and are easy to customize in different flavors.  My kids and their friends are always requesting different ones like these Raspberry Hot Chocolate Bars and these Caramel Apple Granola Bars.

Inside BruCrew Life

Inside BruCrew Life

3) Surprise guests have rolled into town! What ingredients are good to keep in the pantry to whip up a quick appetizer?

We usually always have Pillsbury crescent rolls in our refrigerator.  They are perfect for wrapping just about anything into them for a quick treat.  One of my favorite things to make is this BLT Chicken Braid. It is great in small pieces as an appetizer, or can be cut into larger pieces for a quick lunch or dinner.

Inside BruCrew Life

4) What is one of your most popular desserts that would be perfect for a potluck party?

One recipe that I find myself making over and over for potlucks and picnics are these Salted Caramel Brownie Bites.  They are so easy to make, and every one loves to bite into them and find the hidden caramel pocket.

Inside BruCrew Life

5) When attending a house party, it can be difficult to decide on a gift to bring for the hostess. Do you have ideas for delicious treats that can be wrapped up as a gift?

Cookie dough truffles are always a great treat to bring to a hostess.  There are so many fun ways you can package them.  I love making these Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Dough Truffles and these Butterfinger Cookie Dough Truffles to give as gifts.  They can be packaged in small bags, boxes, or egg cartons and tied with twine for a fun and easy gift.

Inside BruCrew Life

Inside BruCrew Life

All photos courtesy of Inside BruCrew Life.

I’d like to give a BIG Thank You to Jocelyn for being featured in this Party Tip Tuesday. Drooling yet? I know I am! To stay updated on her latest & delicious creations, follow her social media accounts (listed on the top right hand side of her blog).

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