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Welcome to Party Tip Tuesday! I am so excited to introduce you to Beth from Hungry Happenings. Not only are her food creations adorable but they are delicious too! She’s here today to tell us more about her creations and to share some ideas with us on party food for little fingers, special Mother’s Day treats that your kids will have fun creating and ideas for edible gifts.

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1) How would you describe Hungry Happenings?

Hungry Happenings is a blog that features festive food and edible crafts for holidays and special occasions.

2) How many books do you have out now and are there currently any in the making?

I wrote and published my first cookbook, Hungry Halloween featuring Movie Monster Munchies, Bewitched Buffet, and Dead Man’s Diner in 2010 which is available on and will be available in as a Kindle book before Halloween this year. I hope to find time and inspiration to create another book in the next year or two.

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3) What tips do you have for parents who are trying to decide on what types of food to serve at a child’s party?

After spending years teaching kids the art of cooking and candy making, I have found that you aren’t going to be able to please the palate all of the kids at a party. Some kids are just more picky about food than others, but if you make food fun, visually appealing, and approachable you might just get those persnickety eaters to try something they normally wouldn’t.

Serving Bumble Bee Corn Dogs and Chicken & Chips Butterflies or Pink Fuzzy Slipper Cookies, will certainly get the kids excited to eat, but you can also get them to eat some healthy foods by making Carrot Shaped Veggie Pizzas, Butterfly or Beach Ball Fruit Pizzas, Apple and Peanut Butter Sleeping Bag Snacks, Cheese Slice Owls, or Mini Cheese Ball Monsters.

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4) With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, what recipe ideas would you recommend for Dads and kids who want to make something special for mom?

Breakfast in bed is always a special treat on Mother’s Day and I created an entire flower themed meal with fathers and kids in mind that is surprisingly simple to make. Daisy shaped eggs with bacon stems, biscuits with a floral stamp, and a bouquet of fruit flowers make a lovely breakfast for any mom.

Hungry Happenings Mothers

5) What are some of your favorite ideas for edible gifts?

My favorite edible gifts always include either chocolate or candy and I find that most of my gift recipients are thrilled to unwrap something sweet. I love to create the unexpected like Chocolate Cherry Bombs, a cake ball with a maraschino cherry center, or personalized Conversation Heart Fudge and Sweet Serenity Stones (white chocolate fudge that has been shaped and stamped with sweet sayings). I’ve gotten the best reactions from friend’s who unwrap a completely edible chocolate box shaped like a heart or penguin or a chocolate candy filled cup decorated for a holiday.

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All photos are courtesy of Hungry Happenings.

We’d like to send a big Thank You to Beth for being featured in this Party Tip Tuesday! Be sure to check out Hungry Happenings’ social media accounts (links on the top right hand side of her blog) to keep updated on the latest creations.

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