A New Egg Barn for Heart for Africa

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Knowledge is a powerful thing and that’s one reason why the Egg Farmers of Canada are teaching Swazi locals world-class farming practices in order to help support their community. Heart for Africa is a non-profit charity that cares for orphaned children in Swaziland. The organization operates a 2,500 acre multi-commodity farm in rural Swaziland where they train families in farming practices. By caring for orphans and training families, they are providing hope for rebuilding their community. Watch this video to learn more about this amazing organization:

Egg Farmers of Canada are working with Heart for Africa to bring a new egg barn to the farm! Eggs are an excellent source of protein and contain 14 essential nutrients making them the perfect food for helping these children.

Heart for Africa

In order to turn this project into a reality, Egg Farmers of Canada are raising funds to purchase building materials and cover ongoing operational costs. Join us in promoting this project by sharing the story across your social media channels using the hashtag #CrackingHunger. You can donate at eggfarmers.ca/heartforafrica and encourage your social circle to do the same.

A fun idea is to get your school involved! This is a wonderful program to teach kids about and there are some great fundraising ideas you could plan together like a fundraising breakfast featuring local Canadian eggs. Every bit of support helps and together we can help these children and their community!

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