Harry Potter Word Search-Easy and Fun For Kids Of All Ages

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If your kids love the Harry Potter books, this Harry Potter word search is the perfect afternoon entertainment for them. It is easy and fun depending on the ages of your children.

Can they find all 12 words that remind them of the characters and scenes of these enchanting books? Download and watch for yourself as they search for the magic words that will remind them of their beloved Harry Potter books.

We have assembled 12 of the most common words from the book and created this easy but fun Harry Potter word search that will entertain kids while you get dinner ready or spend a few minutes of me time without worry they won’t be entertained.

Additionally, it’s the perfect “I’m bored” activity. If you are using Harry Potter as part of your classroom or homeschool curriculum, it’s a perfect supplement.

Next, download the PDF as many times as you want. A fun way to make this a game is to set a timer and have a friendly competition to see who can find the 12 words the fastest.

harry potter word search

Free Printable Games

My kids love word searches and printable games and we have over 100 to help you keep them entertained Mom.

Simply head over to our Printable Game library and download any you like. If you have any suggestions for new ones, please let us know in the comments.

Download The Word Search

To download the Harry Potter Search, simply click the button below and you should be able to print the PDF. If you have any issues, please leave us a comment and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

If your kids love all things Harry Potter, here are some fun games to entertain them and expand their imaginations.

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