Turning an Old Glove into a Puppet

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Do you have any old gloves sitting around the house? A fun activity for your kids is to turn these old gloves into a hand puppet craft! For this silly little craft, you’ll need a small amount of supplies like kid-friendly glue, scissors and a few extra craft supplies to create your little characters. This craft is perfect as a rainy day activity!

Hand Puppet Craft

Hand Puppet Craft Supplies

Here are some ideas for craft supplies you can use while creating your hand puppet craft:

  • googly eyes (you could create one-eyed monsters with these)
  • pom poms in various sizes and colors (you could use these for noses, buttons, funny hats, etc.)
  • pipe cleaners in various colors (these could be used for antennas, rabbit ears, funny hairstyles, etc.)
  • yarn in various colors (these could be used for hair, clothing or to make smiling faces)
  • small swatches of material to make clothes
  • ribbon in various sizes and colors (these could be used to make tiny hair bows or bow ties)
  • feathers to turn your finger puppets into birds or use them for silly hair and funny hats
  • glitter glue

After your children have completed their hand puppet craft, they could put together little puppet shows for you and take silly pictures with them. Perhaps each little character on the puppet could be given a name. What do you think your kids would name their glove puppet characters?

Have your children ever made a hand puppet craft? What is the funniest character they’ve ever made?

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