Free Play-Doh Valentine Tags

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I’d never be one to turn down delicious Valentine chocolates but I love the non-candy treat ideas for Valentine’s Day. With so many food allergies, it’s great to choose a non-candy treat that all the kids in the class can enjoy.

I think Play-Doh does have a wheat warning on it so you’ll want to be aware of that if any of your child’s classmates has that allergy. This free Play-Doh Valentine tag says “Doh Not Forget How Special You Are”. It’s a really small circle tag designed to fit the small favor-sized Play-Doh containers.

Play-Doh Valentine Tag

Free Play-Doh Valentine Tags:

There isn’t a “To” on the tags but there is space if you wanted to write the name of each child on there. If not, simply fill in the “From” with your child’s name and your classroom Valentine favors are ready to go!

These are simple to put together. Just buy a variety pack of play-doh or purchase how many are needed in the color you want to give. Then Print the free tags founnd below and affix them with glue or double sided tape.

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