Firefighter Birthday Party

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A Firefighter birthday party is a popular theme for children of all ages. There are so many fun ideas for activities, desserts, games and treat bags! I styled this party for Birthday In A Box using lots of supplies from their site – check out my full party article on their website.

Firefighter Birthday Party

Firefighter Birthday Party – Invitations

Your birthday party invitations could start with phrases such as:

  • It’s a {Age Number}-Alarm Birthday Party! {Child’s Name} is having a party & you’re invited!
  • Sound the Alarm!
  • Your Official Invitation to Junior Firefighter Training Camp!

If guests will be participating in a mini training camp, be sure to include notes on the invitation for guests dress in training camp appropriate gear (dresses & flip flops may not hold up well when crawling through obstacles!).

Fireman Party Invitation

Firefighter Birthday Party – Decorations

The color scheme for your firefighter birthday party could include red, black, white and gold. A fun color scheme would be white with black polka dots – the same colors as a firefighters best friend…the dalmatian!

Decorations could include balloons, special banners, fire trucks, fire hydrants, fire truck pinata, plastic fire hats, wall decals and a special photo area to take firefighter training camp pictures. These pictures are a great addition for the thank you cards.

Firefighter Party Ideas

Cute Firefighter Birthday Party

Cute Fireman Birthday

Firefighter Birthday Decorating Ideas

Cute Fireman Party

Fireman Party Decorating Ideas

Firefighter Cupcakes

DIY Firefighter Party Decorations

DIY Fireman Party Decorations

Fireman Birthday Party Table

Firefighter Birthday Party Table

Firefighter Party Snacks

Firefighter Party Table

Firemen Party Table

Fireman Party Table

Fireman Party Hat

Firefighter Birthday Party – Activities

A fun idea for a firefighter birthday party is to set up a special training camp for junior firefighters. Your training camp could be set up in your yard or inside your home. This training could include obstacles to hop over, crawl under, crawl through, run around, carry, knock down…well, you get the idea. If you are hosting the camp outside, you could include a fire hose challenge where guests use the garden hose or water squirt toys to knock down “burning buildings” (small cardboard boxes colored to look like brick buildings).

Other training camp exercises include:

  • tug of war
  • water balloon target practice
  • blindfolded exercise – like pin the badge on the firefighter
  • rescuing stuffed animals and carrying them through the obstacle course

Each guest could be given a firefighter hat at the beginning of the training exercise and be awarded with a firefighter badge upon completion.

Fireman Photo Booth

Firefighter Photo Booth

Fireman Photo Booth

Firefighter Birthday Party – Food

A barbeque is perfect for a firefighter birthday party. Your guests could enjoy hot dogs & hamburgers on special themed dinnerware. A fun idea for a napkin ring is to wrap a piece of fire hose (shoestring licorice) around each individual napkin & cutlery set.

Fireman Party Food

Fireman Birthday Party Food

Firefighter Birthday Party – Desserts

Dessert tables are always my favorite part of parties! With a firefighter birthday party, the possibilities for creative treats is endless.

Fun treats ideas for a firefighter themed party are:

  • Red licorice labeled “fire hose”
  • cake pops rolled in black icing and labeled “dalmatian dots”
  • brownies piled to resemble a brick firehouse
  • red hot candies

Firefighter Party Treats

Firefighter Birthday Party Food

Firefighter Party Candy

Fireman Party Candy

Fireman Party Treats

Firefighter Birthday Party – Treat Bags

Treat bag ideas include:

  • red licorice labeled “fire hoses”
  • small toy fire truck
  • small stuffed Dalmatian dog for kids to “adopt” and take home
  • fire hydrant shaped plastic cups
  • Dalmatian Dots (black jelly beans)

Firefighter Party Favors

Firefighter Birthday Party Favors

Fireman Party Favors

Remember to check out my full Fireman Party post over on Birthday In A Box.

For more fun birthday party ideas including themes, decorating ideas, food ideas, activities, free printables, favor ideas and more, check out our special Birthday Party page.

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  1. oooooooh good ideas! I am just starting to go through my prizes I won in the summer and plan my boys parties. I am going to have to use some of these ideas.

  2. Maybe I’m a dope, but I can’t find instructions to recreate the cake pictured at the top of the page. The one that looks like a fire station.

    • Hi Sharon! No, you aren’t missing anything…I don’t have a tutorial for it. It’s basically just brownies cut into blocks and stacked on top of each other. The balancing act is tough for the top portion over the fire truck though so you may want to use a kabob stick.


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