Choosing a Vacuum – Why Quality Matters

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We renovated our home last year with a new kitchen, new bathroom cabinets, new hard floors upstairs, new carpet downstairs, new lighting throughout the house, painted the entire interior, and more. It was a huge project but I’m really happy with the results. One of the reasons we decided to renovate was because we used to have cats but then I became allergic to them after pregnancy. Who knew that could happen?! My nose was always stuffed up, my eyes were red and itchy and I started having troubles with my throat. I went to an allergy doctor who ran some tests and discovered that I was allergic to cats and dust. We found great new homes for all the cats but our home was still full of cat hair – especially in the carpet downstairs. You wouldn’t believe the amount of cat hair hiding in the house – especially behind the baseboards! Now that we had a nice, clean, more allergy-friendly home, I wanted to keep it that way. I thought our carpet downstairs was pretty clean but then Dyson sent me a new Dyson DC78 Cinetic vacuum and I couldn’t believe the difference!

Dyson Cinetic

Dyson Cinetic

Warning…the following image may be disturbing to some viewers…

Dyson Cinetic

Yuck, right?! I thought my old vacuum was doing a good job and I was surprised at how much the Dyson DC78 Cinetic managed to suck up.

I was so impressed with the difference that I decided to run a little experiment at my parents house. My mom had just purchased a new attachment for her central vac system that week so I asked my mom to vacuum her house before we got there so I could try the Dyson DC78 Cinetic on her carpet to see the difference. I was able to vacuum up a lot of dust, hair and dirt that her vacuum didn’t catch. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to vacuum up these embarrassing pink flowers on her carpet…she’s due for a renovation herself. {wink}

Dyson Cinetic

Dyson DC78 Cinetic:

So what makes the Dyson DC78 Cinetic so powerful & different from other brands?

  • The Dyson cinetic science doesn’t lose suction and you never have to change bags, or replace and wash filters. This means no extra costs as you won’t be replacing or searching for replacement bags or filters.
  • The people at Dyson actually ran a test and found that the DC78 maintains constant suction after sucking up 10 years’ worth of test dust.
  • Dyson ball canister vacuums have a central steering mechanism so the vacuum follows you accurately as you pull it along.
  • The same attachment works on both carpet and hard floors with no adjustments needed.
  • The bin is really easy to empty. One button releases it from the unit and a second button opens it so you can empty it into your garbage. It then easily snaps back into place.
  • DC78’s cable, hose and wand provide a total reach of 10 metres. I only had to switch the plugin once to vacuum my entire basement.

Still not convinced that this is the right vacuum for you? Dyson Canada offers a 30 day free returns policy. You can visit the Dyson Canada website, let their website recommend the right vacuum for you based on your needs, order it with free shipping and rest easy knowing that you can return it in 30 days if it doesn’t fit your needs. I think once you see the difference between the Dyson cinetic and your old vacuum, you’ll be happy you made the investment!

Dyson Cinetic

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