Ducky Baby Shower

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Ducky Baby Shower

Ducky Baby Shower – Invitations:

A ducky baby shower is such a fun theme that fits perfectly into a party for either gender. Little ducks can be used on the invitations and return address labels so that it ties into the theme. Here are some cute ideas for invitations. Ducky Baby Shower Ideas - Invitations1. Baby shower invitation, Little Ducky: Blue
2. Baby shower invitation, Happy Duck
3. Ducky Duck – Personalized Baby Shower Invitations With Squiggle Shape

Ducky Baby Shower – Decorations:

Yellow, blue, orange and white are all perfect colors for a ducky baby shower. You can incorporate these colors through table linens, dinnerware, balloons and flowers. There are super cute clear “bubble” balloons that you can purchase from your local party store. These help set the scene for a bubbly party area – perfect for little ducks!

Other fun ideas include small round decorative bowls with clear decorative rocks in the bottom, filled with water and a rubber duck floating on the top (see the picture at the top of this post for a sample). Don’t want to use water in the centerpieces? You could also use small white Styrofoam balls in the bowl to give the look of bubbles.

Rubber ducks can be placed around the room on tables, in the bathroom, on the food table, etc. Ducky Baby Shower Ideas - Decorations1. Ducky Duck – 16 Baby Shower Party Pack
2. Banner – Ducky Duck Personalized Baby Shower Banner
3. Qualatex Bubbles – 15″ Clear Bubbles – Pack of 4
4. Just Ducky 29 Inch Foil Balloon
5. Super Globe Glass
6. Clear Crystal Glass Beads
7. FloraCraft Styrofoam Balls 12-Pack: 2″ White
8. Rubber Ducky Latex Balloons Party Accessory
9. Elegant Baby Bath Toy Set – Duck

Ducky Baby Shower – Activities:

A simple game you can play is to let the guests know that one lucky person has a duck hidden under their seat. The lucky person with a duck under their seat wins a prize.

Another simple idea is to place a bunch of rubber ducks in a small tub of water and ask each guest to pick out one duck. The person who chooses the duck with the special marking on the bottom of it could win a prize.

For a game where you don’t mind getting your party area a little messy (this would be great for an outdoor party), you could set up a game with a few rubber ducks, a bucket of water and a table area with some light baby items (such as bottles). The goal of the game would be to fill the duck with water, then try to squirt & knock down the bottles on the target table. You’ll want to have a few towels handy to clean up the water mess.

For the fun crafty types, you could host a make-your-own-soap or bath fizzies activity. There are plenty of books and kits you can buy to help you with ideas and instructions. Guests could then take home their creations as party favors. Ducky Baby Shower Ideas - Activities1. Kiss Naturals: DIY Soap Making Kit
2. Kiss Naturals: DIY Bath Fizzie Making Kit
3. Soapmaking the Natural Way

If you’ll have kids participating in the ducky baby shower, they could play a game of Duck Duck Goose. This is an easy game where all the children sit around in a circle. One person walks around the outside of the circle tapping each child on the head and saying “Duck”. They then touch one person’s head and say “Goose” and that person has to jump up and run around the circle to sit back down in their spot. Whoever gets there first gets to sit and the person left standing is the next one to walk around saying “Duck Duck Goose”.

Ducky Baby Shower – Food:

Light finger food and appetizers are always popular at baby showers. My two favorite party dips are Hot Artichoke & Spinach Dip and  Turkey Taco Dip. You can find the recipes for these (and others) here on the recipes page.

Other fun ideas include small sandwiches cut out (using cookie cutters) into duck shapes. Salads could be served in small bathtubs and condiments could be displayed in cleaned out bubble bottles. Ducky Baby Shower Ideas - Food1. Ducky Duck – Dinner Plates
2. Ducky Duck Luncheon Napkins
3. White Square Plastic Compartment Serving Tray 12-inch
4. Signature Housewares Sorrento Collection Chip-and-Dip Server
5. Galvanized Metal Oval Wash Tubs with Vintage Look
6. Curious Chef Duck Cookie Cutter

Ducky Baby Shower – Dessert:

Cupcakes, ducky shaped cake pan, personalized cookies or brownies…there are so many ideas for desserts in a ducky baby shower. Creating themed cupcakes is made easy with themed cupcake wrappers or cupcake picks.  Ducky Baby Shower Ideas - Dessert1. Ducky Duck – Personalized Baby Shower Cake Image Topper
2. Ducky Duck – Personalized Cookies For Baby Showers
3. Ducky Duck – Baby Shower Cupcake Wrappers

Ducky Baby Shower – Favors:

A fun idea for favors for a ducky baby shower is to go with a bath time theme. Guests could be sent home with bubble bath, small manicure kits, duck bath fizzies and a rubber ducky for their tub. There are many ways to personalize chocolate favors as well – and who doesn’t like chocolate?!  Ducky Baby Shower Ideas - Favors1. Ducky Duck – Mini Personalized Birthday Party Favor Boxes
2. Ducky Duck – 24 Round Personalized Baby Shower Sticker Labels
3. Bath Time Favor Box
4. Mini Rubber Duck
5. Duckie Cookie Cutter
6. Bulk Duck Sweet Tart Candy
7. Personalized Spa Toiletry Bags
8. Baby Ducky Favor Bag
9. Ducky Bath Fizzy

How do you feel about games at a baby shower? Do you like playing them or would you rather sit back & relax?

For more baby shower tips, theme ideas and free printable games, please see our Baby Shower page.

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  1. Amazing idea for a ducky baby shower. I’m 10 and I’m planning a baby shower for my stepmum. Will definately use some of these ideas!


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